03 July 2009

Meowr..... and Bobby Rubio's 4 Gun

Yo, yo, yo... pass me the mic so I can rip it...

Uh yeah... that'd be what I'd say if I was that type of artist, but I'm not...

Ok.. Remember in one of my previous journals I was talking about the "more" I'd discuss soon?
Now that things are underway I can spring the "more" info on ya. Thank you all for humoring me in the meantime. HAHAHA

Here, take a look at the "more" below:

What the "more" was all about was the mention of when I was going to launch "MEOWR". Meowr is basically my clothing line I'm launching this year. Can you guess where I'll spring it to the public first? Yup, San Diego Comicon 2009, July 23-July 26. That doesn't mean that it won't be available for online purchases. Because it is limited, I only made a small run. I'll set aside a certain amount for the con, and for online sales.

At the con I'll have shirts for male and female, and recycle canvas bags.


.all sizes available
.shirt brand/Bella
.only comes in white
.100% cotton

.all sizes available
.shirt brand/Gildan
.only comes in white
.100% cotton

.one size
.with every purchase of the bag, $1 will go to charity. Charity is still TBD.

I will update you all with info in regards to the prices and shipping soon.


Here's a piece I did for my pal, Bobby Rubio's 4 Guns comic .

I wanted to try a rougher approach to keep it in the same vain as Bobby does for his comics and character line-ups.

Hope ya digs!

Have a wonderful 4th of July, everyone!


Zulfaisal Bin Zulkipli/ TaraGraphika said...

I'm just saying nothing is better than your own style.

Mr. Scribbles said...


Tom said...

I like the rough approach on this one. The angle and character are tight too!!


another great demostration of you talent dude!, great job!

in fact, I invite you to my blog, by the way you are the guest starring this week!

Draw Monkey said...

Rough... love it... done.

Adam Temple said...


Draw Monkey said...

Awesome idea with the recycle bag. Such a great initiative. Many kudos to you for this..... I want one.

PS - I tried the paypal payement for your book again since I got no reply from them saying that it went through. Did this one go through to you? I did get a receipt from Paypal this time.

Sorry for all the hooplah.


Art Fan Ako said...

Nice design. Has that Japanese feel to it. I hope you sell mucho!

Unknown said...

Just been going over the blog- hot damn I love your shapes and lines. Brilliant stuff.

ANDY KUHN said...

that's way cool, sean.
i'd love to see more work
from you in this style. :)

Grand Kenery said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEEKS! (4th of July) This is wishing you many more years of AWSOMENESS.... CHEERS!!!!

PFC said...


I always love your stuff and look forward to your posts.

One comment on your cat design. I assume the two white circles are eyes and the right dot is a beauty mark. At quick glance, it's interesting how the left white circle and the right beauty mark, being of similar size, makes my view want to see them as the eyes and the center big white circle as the "nose". I don't think that's your intent. One solution could be moving the beauty mark below the right side of the mouth so as to ungroup it from the eye circles.

Ask around and see if anyone else thinks the same. If not, I'll shut up.

Just a thought.