13 July 2009


Here are my 2 banners I made for San Diego Comicon 2009. The con, counting Preview Night, is from July 22-July 26. We'll be there for all the days.

I felt it was appropriate to do one of my Kutalicious since I'm launching the vinyl at the con, and one of Peter/Spidey. Well can ya blame me? After all Spidey is my all-time favorite character aside from Kuta.... hehehe Be sure to be on the lookout for the "ROSEY PINK CHEEKS" *poot*

Hope you all can cruise by my and Ryan Benjamin's table. Our booth is #2544. We're next to the Marvel booth.

Go bug Ryan to post his banners. They'll make you drool. I ain't fibbin', aight?! :)


This is were I work from now. In my boxers of course. :P
And guess what?! I have windows!!!!!! Damn, I love looking outside. Many a' gorgeous days.

SO this may answer some of your questions if I was able to take Spidey home, and in case you're killing yourself trying to figure out if all the furniture is from Ikea... Yes. Yes it is. One of my favorite stores!

Admission fee is free-99. You breaka my stuffs I breaka ya face. hehe

Hope y'all digs!


Laura S. said...

Really good!

joverine said...

swweet banners! of COURSE you had to do kuta-it would be a crime not to
speakin of which-I uploaded the Kuta video on my youtube account (thegoodsauce)
here's the link-not sure if i can leave links in comments?

Nils said...

Really cool to show your world :) Same Ikea at my home office ! Just not that much figurines and venerable stuff :p

Vencys_lao said...

Oww... aways amazing yours jobs man!


I love see studios! \o

Vini (Visentini) said...

I like your style!
See this:

Damion009 said...

oh...... my........ GOD!!!!!! so awesome!

Ross Burt said...

I always love checkin out pics of artist's studios, looks awesome, i can only dream of such a space....do u have another area for the 2D drawing, like a drawing board or lightbox? oh, and the new vinyls look wicked

Misa Tsutsui said...

Im going to SanDiego Comic-Con for the first time. I stopping by your table without fail.
Finally XD channel broadcast starts next month in Japan. :)