30 September 2007

You Ain't Hard, Jimbo...

Howdy, y'all! Weekend treatin ya good?

Welp, I thought i'd put a spin on the "dynamic trio". What's Jimbo think he's up to? He must of caught a sighting on the horizon. You ain't hard, Jimbo. You don't gotta lie to get your kick it on.

Hope y'all digs!!


Gamma Rallyson said...

See how Clark's shirt is transparent thin? That's what happens when you buy shirts at Walgreens! XD;;

I love the way you can take someone as Jimmy Olsen and make in look current. That is some gift! XD

Keep it up! [^^]

Anonymous said...

Your diggity speak makes me roll my eyes.

Fernando Raposo said...

He is the great one!!! Super is amazing hero!!! of course, you are terrific drawer!!!

Cheeks said...

thanx, guys!

yeah, Clark can afford better shirts. :)

anonymous... ya lost me, sorry. :P

Odon said...

Dang. I was about to call it a night from drawing and go play Halo 3 but I said to myself " I haven't checked out Cheeks' Blog in weeks..." Drawing....drawing...drawing...
Thanks for the inspiration. Rock on!


Stephen said...

I'm lovin' Lois' cankles there, dude.

Izzit just me or are those other BG folks from one of your older pics?
But that's beside the point.
Brilliant figure work, as always, Mr. Galloway. Jimmy Olsen's never been cooler.

Lucas Culshaw said...

I've looked at this drawing a bunch of times and I just now noticed his S peeking through his shirt. Also Lois has cankles. LOL!

Still love it!!