28 September 2007

Airforce reinforcement

Huh- Aang in der, Aang!!

love the Avatar cartoon. it's one of my all-time faves, but i had never had the courage to do any fanart.

hope y'all digs!


JIMMY said...

genial,is photoshop?

wacom? what wacom?

RAWLS said...

.....you know I love it.

Tim Bye said...

This is really great - I love the pose - and nice use of colour / limited pallette! Fabulous stuff

Reuxben said...

Oh, wow! Beautiful work! Just a few more hours before a new episode!

Playkill said...

Love the background and foreground elements.

alessandro said...

come sempre...mitico!

Kennedy said...

...... bout time i seen some new stuff. AWESOME!

E Hajibabaie said...

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bibouse said...

I love your work, i'm found of your line and colors.
Y'oure one of my favorites with Mignola, Wendling, Fernandez, Pedrosa etc...
Brilliant !