09 September 2007

Oaf1 Oaf2 Oaf3

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy y'all what's fer dinna?
uhhtssss uhhtssss uhhttssss

welpers. i didn't want to jump right into the workload today without punishing my col-erase and red micon, and showing the paper who's the boss, soooooooo i did these, and a ton of sketches to warm up today.

i felt the stress leaving my body through my fingers tips. when it was all gone i was calm, and then i started chipping away at the workload.

it works. guaranteed.

hope y'all diggy duuuuuuuezzzz!


DAN-VAN-COOL said...

I love the stuff that shows alittle of how you break everything down.
Its the best stuff to learn off of.

We Digs!

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Dan there. Very refreshing.