01 October 2007

Mac N Ham N da 3 cheeses

"Lately, I'vvvvvvve had the strangest feeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiing...."

Ahem.... sorry, Jodeci popped into the ol' noggin, while typing this. Don't turn your head. YEAH, you. You know who the group is, and you still love that song.

I've been trying to capture more story of people that we come in contact with everyday, so I've been looking through magazines for inspiration for this line-up, and the line to follow after this one. I don't let flipping through the zines hinder me from a creative standpoint, but what it does is help replenish my mental library.

Welp, Gangaliciousnesses.... I just wrapped these up. I had a lot of fun with them. Dang, them 'zines really do inspire and help rebuild up that mental library, when you're havin a brainfart.

Hope y'all digs!

Hope y'all digs!


Anonymous said...

I thought stevie wonder before jodeci. but, i aint gonna front, i love the jodeci version too.

efrain said...

dude i love your style. i wanna cry it's too cool. uh, what? no i'm not a stalker.

seriously though, your work inspires little lazy doodlers like me. you're on my "cool links" once i set up my website properly.

keep it chilled man and I look forward to more stuff.
:: efrain

Urban Barbarian said...

Me likes! Me likes a lot!!!!

Bixby Snipes said...

Love the shapes that you use! Nice stuff!

Romain Ronzeau said...

Actually I think your work shows so much strength because you manage to capture the essence of fashion and everyday clothes, and turn them into your own, really cool designs. Keep it up, these figures are awesome as always.

j said...

wow -- I was singing come and talk to me by Jodeci 20 minutes ago -- this is crazy

Geoff said...

As always very cool stuff Man!

FYI I put 2 quick sketches that you did for me a couple of years ago on my blog at

karim Qabrawi said...

Great work here!
i added your link!......;D

Marlon Montenegro said...

hey good stuff homie. Thanks again for letting me join in on that drawing session on Thursday. Peace