24 June 2007

San DIego Comicon table #

Heya, Folks!

My bud Howard Shum had an extra space at his table for me to sit during the San Diego Comicon, so I have an official table # for you to find us at. The table # is E2. We'll be sitting right next to our pals Rajesh (emceeONE) and Luca Tieri. Thank you, Howard, Rajesh, and Luca! We all are looking forward to seeing whomever can make it out.

And...... WOWSAS!!! Thank you for all for your responses about Spidey Animated!



i'll be there dood

can't wait to ya mang

Rodrigo said...

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Kurtis said...

thats awesome... again i totally wish that i lived somewhere near there... but meh what are ya gonna do right haha

but yea gratz on the spidey gig.. that is goin to be awesome . :D


Animal Qwacker said...

This time should I be able to make it back to your table.
Got to busy with our table last year to do so. See ya in a few!

Anonymous said...

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boob said...

We'll be around (F5 I believe) and I'll certainly try to stop by. I probably won't want to leave the table but if I don't see ya in San Diego I usually catch ya in Chicago where it's a lot less hectic for me. Lookin' forward to seein' everything!