27 June 2007

Who wants gelato? I do! U do! We do!

Heya, folks! Who likes dem der gelato? I do! I do! My bud just opened his Mondo Gelato bidness here, in downtown San Diego. If ya have a minute to spare while you're at the con, or even if you're local, then check it out if you're craving some sweet tooth goodness.

Mondo Gelato
435 10th ave
SD, CA 92101
(619) 955-6300

Fri-Sat: 12:30p-Midnight
Sun: 12:30p-10p
Mon: 3:30p-10p
Tues-Thurs: 12:30p-10p

They have a free scoop day tomorrow, the 27th, from 12:30pm-10pm (unless they run out of gelato). 1st scoop is free, every additional scoop is $1. You should stop by!



Batz said...

God! I'd LOVE to!
But...wait...I'm in Canada...
maybe wait till someday I get to San Diego...
So wanna some gelato...

Bobby Chiu said...

mmmm... gelato.


i might go by there since i live here in chula vista
(for now, i'm moving soon)

maybe after the con or after preview night :)

ask them if there going to do a freebie during comic con

maybe like 2 scoops who mention you?

most likely it will just be us on here

can't wait to see ya again man

btw amazing AL'S comics has moved away from that location will hopefully find another one nearby, maybe on the same street :) they're working on it

andy kuhn said...

i'll be goin' to that.
i love me some gelato!!!

Jerome Chan said...

wow they have the greatest gelato ever made! :P