19 June 2007

Heroes Con was WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Hey all..... wowowowowow! I have to say Heroes Con is one of the most amazing cons I have ever attended. A big thank you to Shelton, Casey, and Tim Townsend for having my buds Jonboy Meyers, Joey Mason, and myself out there. We all had a blast. It's truly the con for artists. I haven't done many east coast cons, but I will be doing more in the future.

I had the chance to meet up with my buds Mark Irwin, Robin Mitchell, Alberto Ruiz, Sanford Greene, Keron Grant, Dexter Vines, Andy Kuhn, Derec Donovan, Skottie Young, Josh Middleton, Chris Walker, Mark Brooks, Craig Rousseau, Randy Green, Chris Copeland, Justin Copeland, Kizer, Will Caligan, Jason Pearson, Franchesco/ his wifey Lisa, Josh, Diane, Dwayne, and many more.

I saw Rosario Dawson for the first time in person.... I am speachless at how beautiful she is in person. :heart:

I finally got to meet super talented Mike Weiringo, Todd Dezago, Brian Stelfreeze, Cully Hamner, Gus, and John Beatty! Man, was Mike and John tearing up the pingpong table.

It was amazing to get to meet the DC Comics staff (Dan, Jann, Mike S., Nate, Michelle), and get to know them over dinner and some hanging out.

The books went better than I thought. I took 100 books, sold 3/4 of them on Friday, and sold out of them by Saturday. Thank you everyone for stopping by to make that happen, but most importantly thank you to you all for making me smile from your enthusiasm throughout the weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you all, and I can't wait to see you all again in conventions to come.

Here's to hoping everyone had a pleasant trip back.


dan szilagyi said...

hey sean,

you ever gonna stop by canada sometime? it'd be great to see you around vancouver!
keep up the freakin' amazing work bro!

Cliff Chiang said...

'Sup, Sean? Just wanted to say how much I love your work, and it was great to finally meet you. Thanks for dropping by my site, too!