15 April 2007


welp....i finally got a chance to upload the pics from the other head sketches, i did for the sketchbooks. this was the 2/3 mark. who can name them all? there are a couple that are just random sketches, but for the most part they're of something we've seen.

:) hope y'all digs!


Tim Bye said...

Great work! That's a lot of heads!

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...


~ J said...

these are amazing; each and every one of them. love the monarch!

Tom said...

These are really fantastic.

Kevin said...

Oh man you are one deciated and motivated individual. Thats a lot of heads. It was great seeing you and talking to you in Seattle, i noticed that after I walked away that my sketchbook I gave you did not have any contact info in it. (it was the elephant book) Cant wait to order and receive book 1 to go with my book 2

Meetch said...

You do realize that if my books come with any Venture Bros sketch my head might literally explode, right?

Julia Cabral said...

hey, cheeks, how can I do to buy one of this sketchbooks? They seem to be using a lot of space in your apartment. =)
I like the heads too.^^

UrbanBarbarian said...

Too cool! I got jipped on mine though! Damn...! I gotta hit you up for a sketch next time you're up this way!

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

I'll have a go:

1. don't know
2. Dr. Thaddeus Venture
3. Monarch
4. Henchman (#24?)
5. Human Torch?
6. The Thing
7. don't know
8. don't know
9. Dean Venture
10. don't know
11. Princess Allura
12. Aang
13. Red Tornado
14. Panthro
15. You?
16. Hawkgirl
17. Dark Seid?
18. Batgirl
19. Harry Potter
20. Brainiac?
21. don't know
22. Mr. T
23 Firestorm
24. Speed Racer
25. Naruto
26. Batman Beyond
27. The Flash
28. don't know
29. don't know
30. don't know
31. Superman
32. don't know
33. don't know
34. Wonder Woman
35. Phoenix
36. don't know
37. don't know
38. Grifter
39. Astro Boy
40. don't know
41. don't know
42. don't know
43. Shoe.

Didn't do too well.

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!!

good meeting you, too, kevin!

no head exploding area please, meetch! haha

heya, julia! below the previous 2 posts will give you all the info you seek. if some of it's confusing i'll gladly set things straight. :)

dan! doh! you're right! i'll be in LA this week, so lets hook up. :) i'll redeem that.

sug- you're so close!

nice & snappy said...

Great designs!Allways inspiring me.Fantastic!!

frak said...

Freaking awesome!
I love the Harry Potter one!
I actually want that one. I am an ubber potter nerd... ((dont tell anyone but I do illustrations and some graphic design for http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Squinting to see my face hehe. I loves it yo. You rock slice dawg. Oh, and I linked this blog to my own. Cause you know... The rocking and such.

Okay, it's Casey's nap time.


Wagner said...

Why don't you make a contest and give a sketchbook to the geek who can name them all? Or at least name all the ones that are not random sketches...

joshua wysocki said...

awesome little sketches!
i gotta get me one someday
and its sad cause i've been out here in LA for months now!

chris said...

The wonder woman and Grifter are sweet, dude! Love the Venture Bros. characters.

Marlon said...

I am a brazillian fan!
I love your works.

pumml said...

#10 is samurai jack, right? my fav cartoon!

Emmanuelle.Walker said...

Beautiful heads sketches... you rock!

biboun said...

rrhhhaaa i love yours heads

great sketchbook