29 April 2007


I was doing some work today, and thought I'd have some "Sean" time. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for fun drawing today, so i thought long and hard of some of my favorite cartoons, and Full Metal Alchemist being one of them had me on a mission.

hope y'all digs!


eugene commodore said...

A mission worth going on my Freind

Monstertree said...

This drawing is awesome!
I had a half hour spare so I threw some colour on this. It's up on my blog, so I was just wondering if that's cool? It's no problem taking it down if not, I know how annoying people using your artwork without permission can be!

Meetch said...

Love the action as always. IS Alchemist worth checking into? For some reason it's never flown by my radar.


eyekaps said...

very cool stuff here.

Tom said...

I'm not familiar with the character but this drawing is sick!

Very nice stuff, great energy as usual. Will this get some color slapped on it???

Chrispy said...

I dont know who is the bigger monster, you or the drawing, lol. Hotness bro.

Anonymous said...

Nice flow on the character.

Marco Hasmann said...

Great character design and cool moves!
Great stuff as always here..

Minini said...

Oh yeah ^^ I dont remember how many times I've read this thing! I really like the little personnal touch you added to the design! Awsome!

Anonymous said...

Sup poophead!
I made new art and posted it on my blog. You should go and see it. And I still would like a larger image of my drawing!

You know I loves ya :)



just passing a message off to ya cheeks :)

from steven e. gordon's blog:

"I wanted to give a public congrats to an artist I admire and a friend of mine, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, for landing the gig of character designer on the new Spiderman show. He's got an awesome amount of talent and they really made a great choice - I wish him the best of luck!!"

oktomanota said...

realmente buen trabajo, enhorabuena saludossssssss


passing another note from another creator to ya cheeks

its about the calgery con

this one is from bobby chiu's blog:

"Cheeks, wish you were there buddy. You missed out! Ah.. there's always next year though."



i see you got steven's message :)

give a shoutout to bobby too

Misael J. Nuñez said...

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libra bear said...

Full Metal Alchemist is great, and this drawing does the series justice. Nice one man. Congrats on the book. I'll order when I start working.