14 April 2007

the shipping blues

Hey, folks... everyone who has previously purchased a sketchbook, i mailed them out via priority mail. what that means is that those outside of the states will receive theirs in nearly 7 business days, and those in the states will most likely have theirs within 3-4 business days. below, i've provided the necessary info for future interests in my sketchbooks.

a HUGE thank you to everyone who emailed the difference of the cost for the shipping. you all are wonderful.

**********************COST PER BOOK**********************
There are 2 volumes, and they're $25 each. Contents and images about both books are below in a previous post.


please go to the following link to decide which shipping rate is suitable for you. http://www.usps.com/rates/media-mail-rates.htm when making payment to my paypal please write in detail the shipping your requesting the books be delivered.

*************WEIGHT OF THE BOOK(S)******************

i think this will be very helpful in deciding your shipping preference. one book is about 1 pound. 2 books is about 2 pounds.

thank you, everyone for your attention to the matter.


RoboTaeKwon-Z said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm a big fan, and congratulations on the book!
I'll be ordering mine soon!

Chris Burnham said...

Sean, I'm late to the party. Can I still order the sketchbooks? I'd like to buy both.