23 May 2006

Mekk revisited

WOWOWOW... when I designated Matilda to be the driver/pilot for No.3 some of you demanded that Mekk still follow the original line-up! hahaha I love that you all are devoted to him, so here he is. Thank you so much for diggin my creator owned property; Bastion's 7. It fuels me to push it harder.

Here's the deal. It takes 2 peeps to operate No.3. Just like the original game plan, they both sit inside his chest cavity. Mekk will be the pilot, and Matilda will be the one that orchestrates the martial art maneuvers. Now, I know you all must be thinking.... "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!! Matlilda is an oldfart!" My countertattack verbally would be, "Exactly. hahahaha" I told you Matlida is one crazy mofo. Wait til I you see her streetwear. haha

Alrighty, here is Mekk, Matilda's sidekick, in the flesh... er.... fur. :)

Anyhow, I hope y'all digs!