21 May 2006

Line-up colage

Alrighty. Here's what the crew looks like in the line-up.

The sweet, old lady is Matilda. I decided to make her the pilot for No.3. I have some crazy plans for her, stay tuned. haha

Hope y'all digs!

Art: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway


M.E Ellis said...

I digs!


petipoa! said...

I saw your works in deviant, i have you watched, i think i saw all your works, came here and watch it again, just cant stop to see your draws, your style is amazing, great use of colors!!
You are one of the best thiongs i see in deviant. And Animeya too!!

Congratulations, i wish you the best and continue drawing like that!!

My dev gallery is http://petipoa-cs.deviantart.com
(If you have the time to see)

Kristian Antonelli said...

awesome line up. They each have such distinct personality even tho they're masked..i dig

Cheeks said...

really thrilled that y'all dig it!

Anonymous said...

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