01 May 2006

fallen saviors colored

i just wrapped up the colors for the drawing i did over the weekend. :)


Tirso Cons said...

Amazing! I like it very much.
Great colour too.

I like you style.
Congrats from Spain ;-)


Chris Battle said...

Just found out you started blogging; Right on! I'm working at Film Roman/IDT these days and lemme tell ya: HELLBOY's looking pretty damn cool.

Keep posting the cool stuff!

sedyas said...

Wooow! Cheeks with blog!
Your art and palette are great.
Thank you for this site.


Cheeks said...

Tirso Cons! thank you!

chrus! thank you so much! hope you're having a blast with the hellboy squad! they are all a buch of fun people to work with.

sed! thank you, and welcome to the blog!

Luiz Carlos Ferreira, said...

very good!!!