25 May 2006


Look out!!! He's got a mallet in his hand? Hey, actually that's his nickname too, so meet Mallot. He's one of the handful of badguys in the a gang that'll be in Bastion's 7. They'll be wearing ONI masks.

Gang logo brought to you by, Alina! :) Thank you, Pie!

Mallot all purdied up and ready to... well... er... smash! MALLOT SMASH! hmmm the phrase seems to Hulky, don't ya think?

Believe it or not, the loin cloth was difficult to find a decent shape for the color. damn my minute lineage. haha Alina hopped onto it and she said try this this and this for the cloth, and voila! thank you, pie! -3-

Hope y'all digs!

Art: Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

all Bastion's 7 characters © Sean "Cheeks" Galloway


Tirso Cons said...

I love this design!

Great expression!
Congrats Cheeks ;-)


Chris Battle said...

Cool! Nice spooky lighting.

Cheeks said...

thank you, you two!

Antonio Santamaria said...

It's marvellous Sean! Bastion's 7 will be a GREAT project.
Amazing style!
Congratulations. Best Regards!

Cheeks said...

thank you, Antonio!

Andre Barnwell said...

Wicked stuff cheeks!

Alfredo said...

wow ... i mean wow ..the hammer is dope n the folds are incredible ... n the pose n the colors ... well u get it rite?? this is incredible mr cheeks.....


EKG! said...

too cool man. hamma time!