12 February 2010

Little Big Hedz and 2010 artbook name winner...

Ok, from the votes... it seemed pretty easy to figure out the winner for my 2010 artbook name contest.  HAHAHA :)

The winning title this year is:

The winner: Cheeks: Freshly Squeezed  A huge congratulations!!!!!!

And huge congrats to the 2 runner-ups:

2)Cheeks: Pffffft

3) Cheeks: The Bitter End

Hit me up with a note with your address, when the book is near printing, and I'll mail them to you all!

Thanks for participating, everyone!

Also... just wanted to give ya a taste of what's to come in my new artbook this year.

This dude's name is Orc from my new property called "Little Big Hedz".

Hope y'all digs!


TH3DEN said...

Hey Sean were doing street fighter fever, will you do one up? :D Spread the word!

Oh and will you and your new book be at the emerald city con?

Derek Edwards said...

love the color. Great work!

sammy! said...

Nice character dude! oh, and congrats for the book name winner...hihi... :)

Fabian said...

OOoOhh! I want to know more about this project!! Can´t wait for your new book to come out! :)

Andry said...

Can't wait gor it!
and congrats to the winner!

Doris' said...

Submit this design to patchtogether.com! Should be a shoe-in!

Wayne B. Medina said...

haha that lil big hedz looks ill son! can't wait to see more when i get the book mang

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!

no emerald city con this year, TH3DEN.

thank you for your vote of confidence, Doris! After I draw more views of him, I'll do it up! :)

hehehe thanks, Wayne-diggity!

Anonymous said...

umm. i know this sounds wierd but what was the name of the winner for the contest.

Christian Liesch said...

cool. expecialy that transparent sword.

Anonymous said...

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