14 February 2010

Bastion's 7 environment studies and some fin soup....

Heya, gang. Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you'll have a nice one with your loved ones. :)

Welp, as I was saying earlier on Twitter, I was working my booty off drawing some environment studies for Bastion's 7. It was fun exploring the possibilities and such. Boy, am I rusty. It was kinda addicting. Been drawing peeps too long! HAHAHA

If anyone is interested to wanting to color these as a test to be part of the Bastion's 7 teaser please do so. What I'm looking for is some nice Miyazaki-esque type of finishes on these. A day version and a night version. Hit me up with your email for the high-res if ya wanna give it a go. If you'd like feedback I'll gladly take a look and give you guidance if you want it. I did a quick guide on the right separating the elements to make it a bit more clear for ya. Not the best job, so I apologize. :)

Just a little direction: for the backgrounds the final I would be looking for is how the backgrounds looked in Spirited Away. I'd like to see some painted in defined grass blades, and the same for the leaves. Hope that helps!

I'd like to see what you can do within a week's period from the time I email you the high-res. Unfortunately, speed is kinda of the essence. My team and I would like to present the B7 teaser at San Diego Comicon 2010. Whomever I choose as the background painter will be pimped and credited on the teaser with the rest of the crew.

Saying fin soup will give ya a fat lip if you say that around Orc. ESPECIALLY if it's Fin Soup de la Orca!

Just wanted to see what he would looked like if I turned him. Well, I guess I found out now didn't I? hehehe

Hope y'all digs!


Oskar Iglesias said...

Thanks for having such a great blog!! I´m learning a lot with you. Keep on teaching us!!

Joe Karg said...

Hey Sean,
I'd love to give these a crack brother. My email is josephkarg@gmail.com. Hit me up with those his res versions, and you'll have finished paintings in a week.


Bruno said...

i'd love to give this a go you can reach me @ brunopags@msn.com

Damion009 said...


Caleb said...
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Caleb said...


Justin Rodrigues said...

These are awesome dude! Great stuff.

Doug Dutton said...

Awsome stuff Cheeks,
Keep up the great work!


Tony DiStefano said...

Just great work as usual Cheeks.What amazes me is how your able to get such strong drafting into the art working on a cintq or wacom.(not sure of your method)My skills tend to become watered down once I leave the paper so it fasinates me when I see this type of work produced electronically.My guess is no matter what tool you use ,your stuff will always come out beautiful!

jriggity said...

really nice to see enviroments!

and if you put your char on Patch Ill drop the vote!!


Cam A said...

Hey mate, I'd love to have a go at colouring those shots.
My email is cam_910@hotmail.com. My (professional) website is here: www.visionspace.com.au ) and my (personal) blog here: http://csa-art.blogspot.com/ if you wanna see any of my work.
I would mosty likely be able to get to them mid to late next week, hope this isn't too late. Even if it is would still be an awesome exercise.

Maha said...

Hey, thanks for sharing your art with all of us. I would like to give your backgrounds a try.

My e-mail is mahatabikh@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

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mark said...

I hope I didn't come across this post too late cause I'd love to take a shot it.




the clownninja said...

really like this

Anonymous said...


If you're still looking for a background painter I'd be interested. You can reach me at,




Anonymous said...


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