03 February 2010

Bastion's 7 storyboarders for 2-5 minute teaser wanted.

Heya, gang.

Just wanted to put the word out to any available action-adventure storyboarders that would like to partake in a 2-5 minute animated teaser for my Bastion's 7 property. Just to give you an idea of the property if you're not familiar with it, you can view the designs at this http://cheeks-74.deviantart.com/gallery/#Bastion-s-7 . If there are any takers please hit me up, so I can check out your boards.

Thank you!


joverine said...

oh sweet!
can't wait to see what you're cookin' up
I did boards once upon a time-I wish I could say I'm a great board artist but that would be all lies!
have you asked LeSean? hahaha

good luck dude

Noel said...

Hey i'm interested in boarding some stuff for you, i don't have any Boards up but if you want i can do some (thunmnails) based on your ideas, camera pans, etc, you think it and i'll board it.. Let me know wassup. noeljtaylor@earthlink.net

Carol said...

wooOah, I´d love to try that!

I have some boards at my blog,
hope you like it ;)

good luck with the project!

un saludo!

Haylee said...

Would love to get my hands on those characters of yours! Alas, time is not on my side at the moment, and I've only worked in a feature format. Good luck w/ the teaser nonetheless!

Puga Vida said...

Hey sean! I would love to do boards for Bastion's 7. I dont have my website up but if you want to see samples i could email them to you. I could do a little test for you aswell. hit me back up. ollinpuga@yahoo.com


jriggity said...

Internet is POWER!!!

cool to see ya reachin out .


Peach said...

Hey Cheeks. I'll admit I'm new to boards but I've got a serious passion for it, and I would love to give it a shot.
Here's a sample of my boards. There's others on my blog too in the more recent posts. Good luck with your project!

Joel said...

Dude! Lets get this stuff going. I'm definitely interested...especially if you bring Spectacular Spiderman back for another season...ok even if you don't I'm ready to hit the boards.

Adam Temple said...

Looks like it could be really fun! I'd love to give it a try. Please check out my blog and email me details.

Bixby Snipes said...

Heya Sean!

We actually meet a few times before, I'm one of the Hard8 guys.

I'm not a board artist but I am a CG animator. Please check out my blog for some samples, if you decide to go in the direction of 3D; please keep me in mind!

All the best

Brandon said...

You've gotta do a design for Spawn. I think you could do some cool things with that cape and all those chains. completely un-related to this post but I felt it was important to bring up...:)

Bruno said...

hey! I'd definitely be interested if you'll have me. you can check out some boards as well as some of my comic strips/sequential stuff at brunopags.com and brunopags.blogspot.com and can reach me @ brunopags@msn.com

Harold L. George - Gsting® said...

hey Cheeks, I'm telling you man... everytime I look at your stuff I get so freaking inspired to draw draw draw! Thanks.

Kal said...

I would love to get a chance at this. Just hope my style is up to Par ^^.

Check out my stuff here:
and here:

kArthIk said...

I am not aware of these characters more than what you post in your blog. Would have loved to board the teaser. But anyways...greetings all the way from India


Hey. Give me a shout if you still need some help. www.hennieblaauw.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

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Rob Ruiz said...


Your style is awesome, who ever you choose to help you I will be looking forward to the trailer.

I really like Carol's work by the way.

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone for your interest. my apologies for coming back to the post so late. I don't to mislead anyone, but the project doesn't have funds, and the guys that are on board are doing it for fun/portfolio and for crediting reasons. All of you are very talented, blessed, and skillful, and I don't want to take advantage of anyone by any means. But I'd love to have you onboard otherwise.

If you are still interested please email me samples at the email provided in my profile.

Thank you again, everyone!

Anonymous said...

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