01 April 2009

Artbook Title Contest

Heya, thugs, and thugettes.

Thank you all for poppin in and dropping love.

Aight... Here's the scoop. I am opening the gates to you all to come up with a title for my 2009 artbook. The requirement is that it has to have a clever way to include my nickname "Cheeks".

Ya see, I can come up with clever, snazzy names for my annual artbooks for years to come, but where's the fun in that if I do it by myself, right? Everyone, say it with me together, "RIIGGGGGGHT?"

How it works is, whomever I choose as the winner will get 2 free copies of the book, signed, and with a head-sketch. One copy for you and one copy for any friend or family I choose... ahem.. I mean you choose. As a bonus, if it wows me, I'll include a photograph bookmark of me lying on my tummy staring at you, and 9x12 Glamour Shot of my ug-mug signed "XOXOXO"

I know! I know! What a frickin sweet deal right? If you feel that this is just too generous of a gesture from me, and you don't feel right taking advantage of me, and you only want to accept 2 free copies of the book signed, and with a head-sketch, (one copy for you and one copy for any friend or family), then I can't push the rest of the party gifts on you.

Now... I'm sure most of you who've picked up my artbooks over the past 4 years figured out the theme for every one of them. However, I'll let ya know for those who've missed out.

My books from oldest to newest were called:

1)Got Cheeks?
2)Had Cheeks Want More?
3)Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks (Vol.1 and Vol.2)
4)Spread the Cheeks
5) ...(What will this year's be?) I've already come up with 2, so you can't use them "Dirty Cheeks", "Love Between The Cheeks".

I'll make my final decision Monday.

God Bless, good luck, keep it above the belt, and may the champion come forward.


Dennis Culver said...

Giant-sized Cheeks

Freaks and Cheeks

Chunk in da Cheeks

pumml said...

I'll bite. No entry limit?

1. Kiss on the Cheeks

2. Sweet Cheeks

3. Pinch My Cheeks

4. Chock Full O' Cheeks

5. Cheeks Out the Wazoo

6. Nothin' But Cheeks

7. Stuffed Cheeks (alt: Stuff'd Cheeks)

8. Crammed Cheeks

9. Cheeks Ahoy

10. Cheeks 2 Cheeks

pumml said...

Wait, is this an April Fools joke?

Note: The above is not a title entry.

hanzz said...


Geoff Munn said...

Squeeze 'Dem Cheeks

tyler parker said...

1.you cheeks-y bastard
or if you prefer less offence
2. you cheeks-y monkey
3. rosy cheeks
4. hey there sweet cheeks
5. turning the other cheeks

Charlay said...

Spank them Cheeks
Peeks and Cheeks
Who grabbed my Cheeks
slap 'em Cheeks
Hairy Cheeks
Smooth Cheeks
Cover them Cheeks
Holy cheeks

Charlay said...

Holy Cheeks is more Like the way Robin used to talk to batman in the tv show.
I forgot pimply Cheeks.

TH3DEN said...

how bout

--The One Cheeks Sneak--

bizr007 said...

Here's mine:

Cheeks in the clouds
Gone with the Cheeks
Hangin by the Cheeks
Cheeks 911!
Cheeks of the day
Night of the Cheeks
Revenge of the Cheeks
Return of the Cheeks
A Tale of Two Cheeks
In the end, there can be only Cheeks

illskecth said...

1 cheeks spanked!!
2 the incredible cheeks-you will like him when his angry
3 cheeks and chong
4 CHEEKS-drawn together
5 ka- pow ka - cheeks or just ka cheeks
6 but, cheeks!!
7 cheeks v
8 sketchy cheeks
9 chubby cheeks
10 monster cheeks

DonKelly said...

Cheeks Sneak Peeks

Cheeks Co. and the Man (Freddie Prinze would have loved it!)

I'm With Cheeks

Make Mine Cheeks! (Stan would be proud! Excelsior!)

That's all I got.

Randy said...

"Don't Pinch My Cheeks! (get your own copy!)"

"Get Chummy with Cheeks!"

...and I'm out.

RayGunJunction said...

pinch my cheeks
puff those cheeks
squeeze your cheeks
squeeze my cheeks
sweet! cheeks!
Mo' Cheeks
Cheeks' Cake

Pop-Monkey said...

Fun contest! Let's play!

1. The System of Cheeks 'n' Balances

2. You Sunk My Battle, Cheeks!

3. Cheekbook

4. Cheekin' 2: Electric Boogaloo

5. Cheeks You Can Believe In

6. Baloney 'n' Cheeks

7. Giant-size Man-Cheeks! (an extension of Dennis' first idea, but much better, I think ; ) )

Nick Avallone said...

"Turn the other Cheeks"

Patrick Goodwin said...

Macaroni and cheeks

cheeks of awesomeness

your life on cheeks

iron cheeks

color me cheeks

planet cheeks

between the cheeks

you know what they say about guys with big cheeks

hide and cheeks

a touch of cheeks

ljamal said...

nothing but cheeks

Kelley said...

Bounced Cheeks... I got more, but I just woke up. Ill be back fa sho!

Anonymous said...

How is "Love Between the Cheeks" above the belt?

Jamie Pogue said...

Cheeks in the Mail

Episode V: The Cheeks Strikes Back

Cheeks and You Will Find



Hot Cheeks

All Out of Cheeks

Super Sized Cheeks

Cheeks For All

Cheeks 5ive (even though I hate when titles do that)

And a little different...
Up, Up, and Galloway!

Wagner said...

Chocolate Cheeks Cookie Dawg

charco said...

Tongue in Cheeks

Red/raw Cheeks

Cheeks Unclenched

Juicy Cheeks


pointpusher said...

get a whiff of my cheeks.

smell my cheeks.

taste my cheeks.

feel my cheeks.

fondle my cheeks.

bloody cheeks.

thumb through my cheeks.

cheeks: the final frontier.

Jon Halpert said...

Cheeks Alive!
Let's Get Cheeky

Jennifer said...

Big, Bountiful Cheeks

Spankin Cheeks

Cherry Cheeks

degelrae said...

or just Cheeksbook
or Cheeksbook 5.0 (version 5)
Who Watches The Cheeks?
Show Me The Cheeks

Augusta Boi said...

This reeks of april fool jokes, but i will take the bait.

1. Cheeks in your face.

2. Cheeks, coming together.

3. New Cheeks smell.

the last one is horrible but you have got to love it

spencer said...


Teenage Mutant Ninja Cheeks

MIKE RILEY said...

Ancheeks Roadshow

Caicedo Illustration said...

Showing off the cheeks
cheeking out

i hope this is for reals

DavidM said...

Feelin' Cheeky?

Swollen Cheeks

Sagging Cheeks?

Beefy Cheeks

Joel Thomas said...


I have your title-





LaSarah said...

no fat cheeks

say "cheeks"!

Anonymous said...

Geeks and Cheeks

5 Cheeks and a peek

Cheeks Techniques

Cheeks Sneak Peek

Working 7 days a Cheeks

Bare Cheeks

Cheeks Techniques: Super Monkey Claw technique revealed.

Geoff Shupe said...

- Sweet between the Cheeks

- Upside the Cheeks

- Ka-Cheeks!!

- slice o Cheeks steak

Ted Laframboise said...

Take A Seat And Spread Yo Cheeks

Cheeky Drawings

A Pound O' Cheeks

Cheeks' Junk in da Trunk

Curl Up with a Nice Pair O' Cheeks

Cheek Previews or Cheeks Previews

Cheek Peeks or Cheeks Peeks

Behind the Cheeks

Bare Cheeks: The Behind the scenes art of Sean Galloway

Another Heaping Handful O' Cheeks

Cheeks and Peaks

Cheeks Bound

The Cheeky art of Sean Galloway

Swish! Nuthin' But Cheeks

Messy Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks

Fuzzy Cheeks

Ted Laframboise said...

Peeking at Cheeks

A Heaping Helping O' Cheeks

Cheeks be With You

Dr Dave said...

Squeaky Cheeks

Freaky Cheeky

Grilled Cheeks Sandwich

Reeks of Cheeks

JC3D said...

A Wolf in Cheeks Clothing

Anonymous said...

O that I were a glove upon that hand, that I might touch those cheeks!

Harold L. George - Gsting® said...

Here are mine:
1. (Silly Wabbit) Cheeks are for kids
2. Tongue and Cheeks
3. How many Cheeks does it take?
4. your Cheeks in the mail
5. Front row Cheeks
6. Cheeks-a-boo
7. Cheeks and Balances

Jennifer said...

Cheeks and Crackers

Between the Cheeks

Cheeks Ahoy!

MIKE RILEY said...

Acheekalypse Now

Anonymous said...

Twin Cheeks

Cheeks And Ye Shall Find

Cheeks Now, Or Forever Hold Your Cheeks

-- Dave, at jskool@hotmail.com (no blogger account)... can't wait to check out the new book!

Seni Oyewole said...

Kiss my Cheeks


Put some Cheeks on dem Bones!

Freeman said...

I can haz Cheeks?

Iron Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks

From Cheeks with Love

Will work for Cheeks

Charlie Hotel Echo Echo Kilo Sierra

Sore Cheeks

In Soviet Russia Cheeks spank you.

Mike said...

1. War-cheeks-tershire sauce
2. Cheek'n nuggets
3. Cheeksmate
4. That dude, you know... cheeks
5. hola cheeka
6. grilled cheeks sandwich

Patrick@pencilmaniac.com said...

Cheeks Digest

The Cheeks has Awakened

Don't Trust Your Own Cheeks

And Who Is This, Cheeks

The Cheeks Unfold

What's In The Cheeks

It's All In The Cheeks

Don't Call Me Cheeks

You're Not One Of My Cheeks

Craig said...

Between the Cheeks
We got Cheeks how bout you?
Cheeks in yo face
Cheeks in the eye
Cheeks on Crack
Happy Cheeks
Stuck between the Cheeks
Hooked on Cheeks
Lovin' the Cheeks
Kickin the Cheeks


Cheeks Ahoy
swollen cheeks
sweaty cheeks
penciled cheeks

Micah Champion said...

Cheeks:Five year itch.

Ross Burt said...

Too much Cheeks to handle

Cheeks 5: The sketch is back

High 5 the Cheeks

Revenge of the Cheeks


The 5th book by a man named Cheeks

Cheeks 5 : Judgment Cheeks

No Butts...its Cheeks 5


Cheeks a' Tinglin'

Cheeks 4 Geeks

Dirty Cheeks

Cheeks 4 Peeps

A Peek o' the Cheeks

Take a peak at the Cheeks

That's me dude, i'm all cheeked out. good luck finding a cool name here somewhere!!

edwin said...

How about:

-The Amazing "Cheeks" and his Designs/Sketches

Since well you were the designer for the spectacular spiderman and remember how there is a amazing spiderman, well there should be an amazing cheeks...


-Ultimate "Cheeks"

Kamingasaur. said...

Cheeksasaurus Rex
Tyrannosaurus Cheeks
Cheeks on Fire!
The Cheeks Are Always Greener...
Cheeks Everywhere!
Burning Cheeks
Cheeks On the Loose

Jon Halpert said...

Cheeks we can believe in

Anonymous said...

"everything, but Cheeks"

Craig said...

Cheeks: Droppin the Kids off at School

Cheeks: Exodus of the Brown Turtles

Dawn of the Rusty Sheriffs Badge

Jennifer said...

Holy Cheeks!

Cinco de Cheeks

Ham and Cheeks

Mmm.. I feel hungry.. XD

Charlay said...

Butter them Cheeks.
Crack open those Cheeks.
Geetin Cheeky with it.

John Michael Lu said...

1. Taste Like "Cheek"ens
2. Get Cheeky With It!
3. CHEEKadee Do Dah!
4. Cheek Bound
5. Of All the Love of Cheeks...

Fernando Pinto said...

"Cheek this out"

HartCactus said...

1. Thunder-Cheeks
2. Cheeks at Play!
3. Ten Ton Cheeks
4. I C Cheeks
5. Cheeks to Cheeks

bjj said...

Here are mine,

1)Cheeks and Thongs
2)A whole lotta cheeks
3)Cheeks Ahoy
4)The Cheeks is back
5)You've never seen Cheeks like this!

Javier M. said...

1.Squishy- Puffy- Cheeks!
2.What the Cheeks?
3.Toungue & Cheeks!
4.Cheeks & Deeks
5.The Art Of Sean Galloway- Stripped down to his cheeks!
6.My Cheek, Your Cheek, We all Scream for Sean's Cheeks!
7.Get off my Cheeks!
8.Your face, My Cheeks!
9.How do you take YOUR Cheeks?
11.Who's Cheeks are bigger?
12.Paper, Rock, Cheeks!
13.Still Clappin Them Cheeks.
14.The Year of the Cheeks!
15.Hey Man, Cheek it out!
16.Smell what the Cheeks cookin?
17.Cheeks On, Cheeks Off
18.Cheeks, grab'em while you can!
19.Who wants a dose of Vitamin Cheek?
20.Hi, My Name is Sean and and my Cheeks spread from here to there!

Eric Elliott said...


Anonymous said...

Cheeks this Out!
Clap your hands and say Cheeks!
Fish and Cheeks
Saturday Night Cheeks
Cheeks Show
Cheeks... What else?

MIKE RILEY said...

Journey to the Center of the Cheeks

Welland said...

If I missed it and these are there sorry.

1. All over your Cheeks
2. Barefaced Cheeks
3. Buy my book because I am a starving artist.....cheeks?
4. Hamster cheeks
5. Cheeks-tastic

Na that will do

LaSarah said...

cheeks! (as in cheers!)
what, me cheeks?
shiver me cheeks!
kiss the cheeks
with great power comes great ceeks
mom,where do cheeks come from?
caution:cheeks. handle with care
load full of cheeks
freakin' cheeks!

Darkness U.S.A said...
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Darkness U.S.A said...

i love some of the name you guys have come up with. here are some o mine

cheek performance
cheeks and valleys
cheeks and chong
swollen cheeks

kudoze said...

Staring at the moon and seeing nuttin' but cheeks - The Art of Sean Galloway


Looking at the moon and seeing nuttin' but cheeks - The Art of Sean Galloway

Adult Braces said...


Cheeks Wow!

Cheeks Galore

Something on Your Cheeks

Cheeks Streaks

Cheeks Techniques

Tweak the Cheeks

Weeks of Cheeks

Cheap Cheeks

Cheeks Suite

You Got Cheek'ded

Cheeks said...

Oh my goodness!!! I leave you guys for the day and look what happens. HAHAHA There are some really good ideas here! Thank you all for your suggestions. You have until monday before I make a final decision. maaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn...you all must really want to score the 9x12 Glamour Shot. :D

Jeff Harris said...

1) Smack Yo' Cheeks!
2) Dimpled Cheeks
3) Shaved Cheeks
4) Mutated Cheeks
5) Irradiated Cheeks
6) Cheeks and Peeps
7) The Tao of Cheeks
8) Cheeks-a-palooza
9) Pinched Cheeks
10) Unpampered Cheeks

and the dark horse:

Cheeks: High School Musical. So what if you're piggybacking on something already in the pop culture? Everybody's doing it.

Anonymous said...

You said that... only for the 9x12!
Here we go again...


C is for Cheeks

Cheeks Reign O'er Me

StudioRisingStar said...

How about:

Speaker Cheeks/The Cheeks Below


AllHailJaysin said...

1. Freaks and Cheeks

2. Cheeks and Geeks

3. The Cheek(s) Shall Inherit the Earth

4. Cheek Easy

5. Cheeks Under the Floorboard

6. Attack of Cheekzilla!

Rex said...

How about "I Like Big Cheeks and I Cannot Lie..."

Micah Champion said...

Vatruvian Cheeks

2DCF said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
2DCF said...

Cheek's Gone Wild

Cheek Matters

Nothin... But Cheeks

Mark Rosenbohm said...

Fresh Cheeks

Cheeks Between the Covers

Whole Lotta Cheeks

Nice Cheeks!


1. Busting out the Cheeks!
2. Babies got Cheeks!
3. Drawn to the Cheeks

Inkermark said...

A Pack of Cheeks, Now!

Cheeks and Balances

Cheeks Party Mix

Instant Cheeks, Just Add Water


Pimping those Cheeks!

The Tale of two Cheeks

Javier M. said...

1.These are my Cheeks, NA-CHO Cheeks!
2.O-M-Cheeks! The Art of Sean Galloway.
3. Grab your own Cheeks!
4.Royale wit' Cheeks
5.Cheeks on the Rocks... Hold the Cheeks
5.There's a hole in my Cheeks!
6.Have a slice of Cheeks!
8.Calling All Cheeks!
9.Seans' Cheekin-&-Waffles!
10.One-Million Cheeks served!... and counting
11. More Cheeks for you and me..

Mr. N. Visible said...

Cheeks of the World Unite!

RAWLS said...

- Tongue in Cheeks
- Turn the other Cheeks
- Cheeks Boutique
- Cheeks Antiques
- Cheeks of the Week
- Art of Rawls Sketchbook that he let Cheeks borrow and Cheeks took it and put his name on it and sold it for money and gave none to Rawls.

...I don't like that last one.

CoolComix2 said...

"Behold the Power of Cheeks!"

Miguel Wilson said...

Bounce With Cheeks

c said...

Say Cheeks!

Cheeks and ducks and geese better scurry. When I take you out in the surrey. When I take you out in the surrey with the fringe on top.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Cheeks!

Cheeks For The Memories (Until We Meet Again)

Sandra Khoo said...

LOL,I wanna give it a shot too!

1) "Howdy,sweet Cheeks!"
2) "Say Cheeks!" or "Everyone, say Cheeks!"(with a character pointing his/her camera at you)
3) Squeeze da Cheeks
4) Hungry for some Cheeks

Oh, by the way Sean, may I request for you to reserve one colored vinyl and one black & white vinyl for both me and a friend? Cos my pals will be down for SDCC and we'd like to collect it from you personally with the cash? Is it possible?
Cheers and keep on RAWKING! :)

Cheeks said...

hahahahahaha you all are making this very hard to decide.

Rawls... your last one is GENIUS!!!! HAHAHAHA

Thank you, Sandra! I'll reserve both for you fo' sho. When are you gonna make an appearance to SDCC?!!

Ted Laframboise said...

What about...

If Cheeks could talk, they'd have bad breath. Badump tish!!!


Cheeks up in your face

Another dose of vitamine Cheeks

kudoze said...

Turn one cheek and grab the other

Turn the other cheek

Javier M. said...

This may be too much but hey its all fun right..."If your Cheeks could talk they'd by full of S**t" That's if for me.

dogboy443 said...

Turn the cheek


Left-Cheek Sneak

My Big Fat Cheek Wedding

~ tOkKa said...

WrIst- o - Mania XLIX ::
Nikerlie Temperakough and The Iron CheeKs v. YOU, Ess X-PReSS and the Non-photo bluez AT MaDDesonn SQUARED GarDOOM

Micah Lewis said...

1. I Speaks Cheeks
2. For Cheeks Peeps
3. Cheeks: Im kind of a big deal
4. It's okay, Im Cheeks
5. This is Why I'm Cheeks
6.Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheeks

Kelley said...

okay okay how bout...

'Smack the Cheeks & Ride the wave'

Psychotime said...

How about:

"You Hope I Mean Your Face!"

Anonymous said...

- Cheeks gone wild!
- Read between the Cheeks
- Hi, My name is Cheeks
- The passion of the Cheeks

That would be it for me =)

Tooninator said...

if one cheek is good, two cheeks is better

Raphael Appah said...

let's just hope it isn't an April fools joke,lol !!!!!!!!!!

-Even cheeks need love
-More cheeks to come
-Have you seen my cheeks?
-The cheeks got away
-Seen cheeks got away (Sean cheeks galloway)
-Crazy cheeks’ gone !
-The cheeks are at it again !
-Stick to your cheeks
-Rendez-vous with the cheeks

Mark Rosario said...

Cheeks Everywhere

elSanto said...

You Cheeksy bastard

Ben! Olson said...

Pow! Right in the Cheeks!

Hold on to your Cheeks

C for Cheeks

Look out it's Cheeks!

Tippecanoe and Cheeks Too

I Like Cheeks

A chicken in every pot and Cheeks on every shelf

Ow my Cheeks

Mazi said...

I love me some cheeks

How bout them cheeks

ingrid said...

hé hé! I'll trye with my so bad english ^^

_Fish and cheeks ( ^^hum...french humour)

_Live in cheeks

_Keep cheeks (trye to say it 10 times quickly ^^ )

_The way of cheeks

kingchino1328 said...

Since it's going to be released at Comic-Con, maybe it could have a San Diego reference to it, something like "America's Finest Cheeks."

ingrid said...

Me again... :)

- Cheeks Shaked Sketches
- What a Cheek(s) !
- Piece of Cheeks

And just for joke...

- Lilo and Cheeks ! ;) hehe
- Milk-Cheeks

AZelaya said...
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AZelaya said...
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AZelaya said...
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AZelaya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ingrid said...

the last one :)

"Poom Poom Cheeks, Poom Poom Cheeks, Poom Poom Cheeks, Poom Poom Cheeks..."


"Cheeks got the look"

AZelaya said...

"To Cheeks... or not to Cheeks?"

"Scratch my Cheeks... I'll scratch yours"

"Cheeks Wide Open"

"Read Between The Cheeks"

"Bare Cheeks"

"Pressed Cheeks"

"Stuck Between The Cheeks"

"5 Cheeks in a Row"

"Cheeks... Take 5"

"Cheeks to the 5th"

"I'm Bringing Cheeks Back... Yeah!"

"All Cheeks and a bag of chips"

"Cheeks and Crackers"

"Cheeks Magnet"


AZelaya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AZelaya said...

"Tales from the Cheeks"


M.R. Weaver said...

"The Taut Cheeks"


c said...


Cheeks, please

Cheeks 1, 2,...1, 2

Get Yo Cheeks On!

Where's The Cheeks?

I'm Cuckoo For CocoCheeks!

Thufferin' ThuckaCheeks!

ShojinStudios said...

"One Cheeks to rule them all"
"Chocolate Cheeks"
"Watch the Cheeks"
"Cheeks R Us"
"Go ahead Squeeze the Cheeks"
"Cheddar Cheeks"
"Cheeks ahoy"
"Lame mis Cheeks"
"Lord of the Cheeks"
"Vato Loco Cheeks"
"Chinga Los Cheeks"
"Ouch, my Cheeks"
"Step away from the Cheeks"
"Smell what the Cheeks are cookin'"
"Will work for Cheeks"
"These Cheeks ain't Cheap"
"The power of Cheeks"
"I will have my Cheeks"
"Rub the Cheeks"
"The DarkCheeks Return"
"Chuck n'Cheeks"
ok ok I'm gonna start charging!

Kuzey said...

"two cheeks don't make it wrong"

Mark Rosario said...

Cheeks Galore

Pop-Monkey said...

Three more...

"Cheeky Cheeky Bang Bang"

"The Cheeks Shall Inherit the Earth"

"Pressed Ham: the 5th Book of Cheeks"

Anonymous said...

10,000 Cheeks Below the Sea
Cheeks or Bust
The Cheeks Shall Inherit the Earth
Why so Cheeks?
Cheeks 'n Cream
Cheeks, what!?
Kablamo! Cheeks.
Danger 5000 Cheeks!
Cheeks Habit

Khylov said...

First thought was "Cheekhov", with an illo of yourself as said-author, based on that one classic pic of him on the porch in overcoat, w/ dog in tow. (Is probably the first or second pic to come up on google.)

AZelaya said...

"Big Trouble In Little Cheeks"
"The Good, The Bad, The Cheeks"
"Don't Bite The Cheeks That Feed You"
"5 Pound Cheeks"
"Don't Put All Your Cheeks In One Basket"
"Gone With Da Cheeks"
"Ring Around Da Cheeks"
"Hide And Go Cheeks"
"Turn The Other Cheeks"
"A Bird In The Hand Is Worth 2 In Da Cheeks"
"Cheeks in the Mail"
"If the Cheeks don't fit, you must acquit"
"Quarter Pounder With Cheeks"
"Trick or Cheeks"


David said...

1.)May the Cheeks Be With You
3.)You Can't Handle The Cheeks!
4.)1 Cheeks, 2 Cheeks, Red Cheeks, Blue Cheeks.
5.)As Easy As 1,2,Cheeks.
6.)Macaroni and Cheeks
7.)Unleash The Cheeks
8.)Who Let The Cheeks Out?
10.)Cheeks R Us
11.)Planet of The Cheeks
12.)Cheeks For Dummies
13.)Cheeks Ahoy!
14.)Cheeks of Steel
15.)I Like Your Cheeks. They're Real Big
16.)Lord of The Cheeks
17.)It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Cheeks!
18.)100% Real Cheeks
19.)I Can't Believe It's Not Cheeks
20.)8 Minute Cheeks

bjj said...

God I love them Cheeks!

Jean said...

Getting Cheeky With It

Cheeky Sketchies


Cheeky Arts

Chock Full of Cheek

Rei said...

Better Cheek Yo'Self

Mel Celestial said...

- Them Cheeks
- Get Cheeky!
- Wicked Cheeks
- Smack Them Cheeks
- Diz mah Cheeks
- Cheeks and Bits
- Get Your Cheeks On!
- Badonk-Ka-Cheeks!
- At Cheeks End
- Cheeks: I'd hit that!
- 5 to the Cheeks!
- A bit of Cheeks and More
- More Cheeks!

Good luck!

Randy Siplon said...

Exposed Cheeks.

number4 said...

it puts a rose in every cheek

Chad said...

How bout Cheek Slappin'

Cory said...

Cheeks. It's what's for dinner.

Cory said...

Cheeks: The Other White Meat

Ben said...

Cheeks cheeks cheeks !

James said...

Circus Cheeks

Mark McDonnell said...

Smackin' Cheeks! . . . visualize a red hand print

Cheekie! . . British take.

Chunks of Cheeks!

Plump Cheeks! . . . Swollen

MIKE RILEY said...

journey to the center of the cheeks

Andry said...

Ooooh Cheeks...

tragic_antihero said...

Yeah, I know the contest is over but here are my suggestions:

1.) Cheeky
2.) Cheeky Monkey
3.) Spread the Cheeks
4.) Star Spangled Cheeks
5.) The Audacity of Cheeks
6.) The Dark Side of the Cheeks
7.) Baby Got Cheeks!
8.) Earth's Mightiest Cheeks!
9.) Cheeks: Feel The Power!
10.) Cheeks Reloaded

J. J.

tragic_antihero said...

Addendum to my previous post -- instead of "Spread the Cheeks," how about the following:

"Spread Em' Wider"

J. J.