08 September 2008

The Gathering

Howdy, y'all! Just got back in this morning from Mexico City. Man.... everyone there was very hospitable and so genuinely kind to us. Thank you for the invite Humberto, Francisco, and Jose! Additional special thank yous go out to Leonardo, Roberto, Maria, Ivan, Daniel, Axel, Matt, Jessica, Bef, Luis, Paulina, Bachan, Peter, and to everyone for showing us a great time, and helping us throughout the ANG summitt. And big ups to everyone participating the panels and at the meet and greets. We hope to return to your wonderful city.

I wanna thank everyone here for suggesting the sites to check out, and stating your concerns. We did get nearly a full day to tour around the city on a tour bus. Not nearly enough time, I know. :( Bummer... BUT I did take about 200 photos! I was trigger happy with the camera, so that'll have to hold me over til the next visit. hahaha

Here are some of the cards I had done out of the slew for the MM3 card set.

Hope y'all digs!


Tara Graphic said...


Im the first to comment!!

Thats really great!!

RAWLS said...

Glad to hear you had a good time man. Great card sketches!

luca said...

very good!!!!

Stephen said...

Really great.
I love the Super Skrull in there. Thanos is fantastic too.

Next time- Galactus!

santiago piazze said...

exellent cards man! dont be afraid to come to the south, i´m from argentina, your work is really great, i like the colours that you use...sorry for my english

Red J said...

Yo Seanus!!

Good to hear you had fun down in Mexico. I would love to visit there myself someday. How is your Spanish?

Nice cards too. I did 30 myself this time around. I posted a couple of them up on my blog...since I am now a blogger too :)

Catch up with ya later!


PS: I need your mailing address so I can send you one of my sketchbooks!

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

Great to hear you had a nice time. I hope you at a bunch of good food.Awesome cards.

Skywakko said...

Hey, Cheeks! Thanks for coming, again!

By the way, here is a photo of the 'Chapulin Colorado'.


See ya!

Leonel Castellani said...

Awesome Stuff...all the Marvel guys look great, I can`t even decide which one is my favourite!. It`s amazing how you can synthesize the lines to the minimum and still make each character recognizable.
You have a very special talent man...

shanedanger said...

I love the Luke Cage and Storm.
Nice to see the "retro" looks.

Juan Pablo "El Obsesivo" Pérez Vilchis said...

Hi Sean,
How are ya?
Hope youre fine. Nice card sketches, man.
Take care.
Juan Pablo from Mexico!!!

kaNO! said...

Awesome job Sean.

spideyfan said...

Cool art peaces, but I'll name the one's I know & I think I know:
. Line-1: Captain Britain & Wolverine
. Line-2: Wolverine, Red Skull, Thor, General Ross, Galactus & Daredevil.
. Line-3: DareDevil, Thing, Hawkeye, Cyc. & Logan, Leader, Storm, Wolverine.
. Line-4: Blob, Captain America, Ringmaster & a Skrull
. Line-5: Spidey, Mandarin, Ironman, Collosus, DareDevil
. Line-6: The Summers, Mandarin, Ironfist & Lightmaster (R U a fan of him?)

riq said...

I love your approach to these.. Great headshots.. You're really able to add some storytelling and drama and characterization just in your approach to the characters..


Eric Z said...

great stuff, we've been getting your spiderman up here in Canada great looking show. Easily my favorite animated rendition of the character. Top notch stuff.

Amanda said...

The last girl has a uber cute expression 8) Really cool.

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

There is some old school flavor up in here!
You gotta dig deep to remember some of these blokes.
We ain't that old are we Sean?
Naaaahhh, our daddies are old.