28 September 2008

Asian American Article

Heya, fellas, and fellarettes.

Here's an interview by George Toshio Johnston, writer of LA's local paper for the Asian community, "Rafu Shimpo". The aritcle was printed this weekend, and I wanted share it with ya if you have time for a quick read.

Thank you, George, for the shout!


Anonymous said...

your taiwanese? I honestly thought you were all cauasian.

I'm half cauasian, half african american myself, but get confused for spanish all the time lol.

Anonymous said...

=D Awesome article!

I'm a bi-racial offspring myself. Caucasian / African like your anon poster thar *evileye*

Gets annoying when filling out government stuff eh? lol!

Thanks for the article. =).

Billy said...

congratulations !


evan said...

Congrats on the article! I feel a need to divulge that I'm Chinese for some reason...

Keep up the good work!



i'm a white boy outwardly but also hispanic, aztec, german, french, and sooo many others that i don't even know

but what i do know is that i'm american born but mentally global


Rick Cortes said...

Less reading, more art. ;)

(I already know mixed Asians are fucking awesome.)