03 September 2008

2008 ANG International Summit

Heya, gang! Anyone gonna be down in Mexico City?

I'm leeeeeeeaving ooooooon a jet plaaaane.... tomorrow afternoon to Mexcio City. I am honored to be invited by Humberto Ramos, Jose, Roberto and everyone in charge who arranged for me to speak at the 2008 ANG International Summit with the students. I am really looking forward to visting the University!!

I've never been to Mexico City, so I am SUPER excited. Any suggestions on what to check out while we're down there?


Dark_Zim said...

Hi Sean! My name is Daniel I am part of the staff of the 2008 ANG International Summit, I am in charge of the sponsors of the event.

Hope you have a good flight!

See ya on the summit!


Ram said...

Hey Sean!

It'll be great to have you here on Mexico. The best part of this beautiful country is its culture. Take your time to visit the historical downtown or any museums.

I'm mexican (from Guadalajara) and big fan of your work. Also kind of an illustrator, you can see some of my work at ArtOfRam.blogspot.com any commentary or suggestion is welcome!

Have a nice trip!

El Pipiripau (ikoon) said...

Yeahhh the ANG rock's...

See U in México

Don't forget the mexican food!

Goog Flight...

Leo Teixeira said...

I am without words! You are the best artist I have seen throughout the Internet. My congratulations ... I am very happy when they encounter an artist of his level. Thank you for helping with my references. If you have some time, visit my humble blog. Thank you and congratulations!

mondi said...

hey what its the 2008 ANG International Summit, i´m in mexico city

JavierOlivares said...

Hi Sean.
I´ve seen you work in HELLBOY ANIMATED
was terrific!
I love yousr characters designs.
Spectacular body structures!
Love your stuff.

Antonio said...

Hey Sean! I live here in Mexico city and we have to take you to wrestling. Lucha Libre! There is a show today at 8:30, and me and my sis are going. If you want to tag along, my email is bengalabros@gmail.com

See ya!

Romulo Sanchez said...
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Romulo Sanchez said...

Hey Man
I just wanted to drop by and say that I love your art work. Your book is my most favorite purchase from the San Diego Comic Con (I also purchased books from J. Scott Campbell, Humberto Ramos, and Francisco Herrera but yours is the one I look at the most and find the most inspiring!) You have a very rare and special talent. Also it was very cool to see how nice and gracious you were in person and how you wanted to make everybody an original sketch. Good luck in Mexico and with all your projects!

human said...

Hi there, I attended your lecture at the ANG. It was Awsome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talent! I hope to se more of your fantastic work. I didn't have a chance to show you my portfolio at the meet and greet since I had to go home to my preagnant wife, but hopefully some day. Cheers and keep it up!