07 April 2008

Nycc here we come

Howdy Howdy, y'all!

Relaxing weekend? Whatcha do? Anyone ever been to a Farmer's Market?
We went this weekend and had a blast. Listened to some nice, live folk music while scarfing down some tasty veggie omelette.

Welp.... NYC here we come. I've never been to New York City, so I am very excited, and while there, I'll be attending the NYCC, too. I have a table at the show, and will have my last handful of hardbacks to sell. I believe I have about 40-50 of each volume left.

Since we're talking about hardbacks.... Volume 3 will be out San Diego Comic Con, and it'll have a ton of unseen stuff in it, if anyone's interested. :)

Hope y'all had a nice pleasant weekend of relaxation and creativness!


Son of Ken said...

hey sean, check your mail linked to this blog, i have mailed you about obtaining a hardback. as i live thousands of miles away and will defo NOT be going anywhere near nyc for a good while.
keep on keeping on!!!

Lar said...

Hey :)

Great news on vol 3! :) I'm doing a whack o' cons this year so hopefully I'll see you in NY to say 'hi' and again at SDCC to buy the book.



Carlos V. said...

Hey Sean, where else can I get your sketchbooks from, if I can't make it to any conventions you are at?? Oh and are you doing the Wizardworld chicago this year??

Urban Barbarian said...

Enjoy yourself amigo!!!

son of ken said...

akinogal, why would you do that?
im sure in your head it made sense at the time!

Blowtorch said...

Hi Sean,

I mailed you a while back to ask about purchasing your sketchbooks.
Can't make the conventions, any chance you can post them out to me??



Bobby Chiu said...

see you there my friend!

Chris Bivins said...

Sounds really cool Sean. I have the second volume, but I'm planning on getting the first one soon. I don't know if I'll be able to make it to San Diego this year but I hope to get the exclusive third volume around that time as well.


tom said...

yo dude,

i'm a big fan of your work...keep up the fantastic design work on spider-man!

Ed said...

Hey, I couldn't find you at NYCC. Where did you set up shop? Were you there on Friday?

MASSIMOasaro said...

W O W!!!!!!!


volume 3 hc! by alberto's brandstudio press?