23 April 2008


Whoas..... I say WHOAS! What a con NYCC is. I had so much fun there. I got to meet a ton of nice people, got to catch up to so many talented artists/and friends, and take in the wonderful city we all know as New York City. (Man, was I mesmerized by how big the city was)

Thank you, everyone who came out to the show! You really made the con for me. I tell ya my face was sore from smiling and talking, and I blame you all for it. hahaha
I will be back next year for sure.

I completely sold out of my stash of books that I took with me to the con, so now I am completely wiped out of my stock of both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of "Grab Yo'Self a Handful of Cheeks".

Volume 3 "Spread the Cheeks" is well underway, and will be available in July 2008, just in time for ComiCon San Diego.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting, and clearing out my living room of the first 2 volumes. It mean so much to me that you all pitched in to make that happen. Now I can finally hang out in the room again hahaha


Tom said...

It was great meeting you at NYCC, you did a sweet Hellboy for me and a Venom for my bro, can't thank you enough! Looking forward to "Spread the Cheeks", unbelievable title.

Joe Karg said...

Man Sean, I'm so super happy for you going through all those books and experiencing so much great success. I will be self publishing my own book in early 2009, and though I don't have your pull yet, you fill me with so much confidence.

Great stuff dude,

R A B said...

good to hear u had a good one mate...hopefully I'll get the chance to meet you at next year's con, I finally got my book out last week, so if i can get the second one done in time then new yoik here i come! kilt n all! :) I'll wing ya more details on my first issue either here or on myspace once i have the website properly up...congrats on selling out the books, i remember those photos of the boxes, odin's beard that was alot of books :)

That Darn Tu-Anh! said...

Hey I"m finally bloggin'! Wooot! See, I"m not THAT stubborn. HOpe to run in to you at Comic-Con (or I"ll just have Jonathan hunt you down for me :P)!

Anonymous said...

hey sean, probably a stupid question but would you be willing to bring a few copies of your new book when you come to the Animation Academy?

Pete "ragdoll" McD said...

Dude I saw you a few minutes ago doing tha dj thing for mr.parker and mary J's prom. mi haffi cut spiderman come back from di break.
Godd Bless,
yo #1 Jamaican fan

Jess said...

It was awesome meeting you at the con. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow twin and floridian. Many thanks again for the spidey and the hellboys. My family and friends loved them. Can't wait to see what you have in store for everyone for volume three.
Thanks again and best wishes over on the west coast.