06 December 2012

Kickstarter projects!

Howdy, gang!

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays.  :)

Wanted to update you all on what we have on the burner.

Right now we have 2 Kickstarter projects that we are busy preparing to launch for December and for January.

The 1st Kickstarter will be for Little Big Heads issue 1.  
Kickstarter launch date: mid-December

                                                    Created and Designed by: Sean Galloway
                                                       Plot: Sean Galloway and Sam Wallace
                                                               Written by: Sam Wallace
                                                     Art: Derek Laufman and Sean Galloway.
                                                                Colors: Sean Galloway 
                                                                Art assists: D.j. Welch
                                                               Lettering: Russ Wooton

Here's a promo piece I used as my CTN-X backdrop at my booth.

Page 1 sneak peak

2 more pages for LBH issue 1


Next up is Gumshoes 4 Hire:
Kickstarter launch date: mid-January. 

                                                                  Gumshoes 4 Hire:
                                                 Created and Designed by: Sean Galloway
                                             Plotted by: Sean Galloway and Kevin Hopps
                                                           Written by: Kevin Hopps
                                           Breakdowns: Rob Haynes and Sean Galloway
                                                                  Finishes: Gurihiru
                                                                  Colors: Gurihiru
                                                               Lettering: Rob Haynes
                                                  Backgrounds: Sean Galloway and D.J. Welch

                                Here's a sheet of some of the designs I did for the story arc.

Here's the 1st Kickstarter promo for Gumshoes.


Andrey Egorov said...

Your works is Awesome!

VinnyLT said...

This has WIN written all over it.

Unknown said...

Spetacular drawings!!CONGRATULATIONS!!

Unknown said...

Spetacular is your works!!