20 October 2012

Little Big Heads Kickstarter promo!

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I just wrapped up the Little Big Heads promo colors!

Whew!  Boy, am I am rusty with coloring full compositions.  It's been a minute.  :P

I hope this gives you all a better insight into what TableTaffy are up to for #littlebigheads issue1 #Kickstarter project. More info soon!

Now Imma move over to color the pages we have done already to see if we can win you over even more if this promo hasn't.  ;)

Will give you all a heads up when the Kickstarter for Little Big Heads issue 1 begins, once we figure out all the details!  Stay tuned! :)

Little Big Heads created by: Sean Galloway

Plotted by: Sean Galloway and Sam Wallace

Written by: Sam Wallace

Layout: Derek Laufman and Sean Galloway

Lines: Derek Laufman

Colors: Sean Galloway

Additional art assists by D.J. Welch

1 comment:

Peter said...

Good luck with the kickstarter campaign, Sean. You'll have my support and advice of how not to do it ;-)