07 March 2011

Back from ECCC and it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the winners of our raffle giveaway. Matt Nelson and Timothy Lamb both won our banners that :iconryanbnjmn: Ryan Benjamin and I use for our cons. The cool part is they are both signed and sketched on by the Great Bruce Timm.  I feel sorry for the unlucky winner who won Ryan's yucky banner (don't tell him I said that)..... I kid!   HAHAHAHA

I am so happy to have met Bruce Timm this year at ECCC.  He's one of my all time favorites ever.  His style and line economy has sexy written (or should I say drawn) all over it.  This was a dream come true for a fanboy like me.

We shared tables next to each other, and boy howdy was I nervous!  So nervous I had Ryan sit in my spot through-out the con.  It was fun seeing people mix Ryan and I up for each other. HAHA  :P

Also, Bruce was such a good sport and pulled the names from the banner bag for the contest for us!  A huge thank you to Bruce and everyone that participated!

What a fun show!


Secret Asian Boy said...

Bruce Timm is such a cool guy

bannister said...

Dang, BT !
This year's my 20th BT fan anniversaray. :-D

Let's meet him next time I'm in LA !