04 February 2011

Ol' Betsy... That Heffer....

I had to eventually design the mutha ship for the B7 fleet. I got into a groove with it, so I couldn't stop til I saw how the ol' girl would hold  up in the Bastion's 7 universe.

Being a huge fan of cruiser-type ships that anime uses for the their sci-fi cartoons, I just couldn't resist injecting it into B7.  hahaha

Earlier, my pal, Jerry, asked me what I was gonna name the mutha ship.

Welp... here's how it went down :

Jerry: dude, that joint looks like it's gonna kick some butt. what do you call it? it's gotta be something crazy like Vanishing point or something like that

Me: thank ya, brutha!  hmmmm the name.... how about ol' betsy?  she can be referred to as the heffer that is ol' betsy.  she likes to take her time to graze the world.  hahaha

Me, I can't wait to see what Jerry does with Ol' Betsy.... nuff said for now....

Hope y'all digs!


Jamil R. Lahham said...

this reminds me a lot of the yamato battleship anime... I love that design

manu cassier said...

Excellent !!!