01 February 2011

Cheeks' Artbook name game 2011

Howdy, gang!

Oh my... where has the time gone?!

Who can guess what time of year it is?

That's right!  The "help Cheeks' name his artbook(s)" game!  Wait..... What do I see in bold to the left? Artbooks?!  What the hay is going on?!  Was that a typo?  Hellz naw, to the naw-nawz it ain't!  You read it correctly.  I am putting out 2 artbooks this year.  One book will have 99 pages and the other will have 1 page... j/k!  

There will be 2 books, fo true!  More details about book prices, page count and content later.  What's more important is to figure out what to call them!  Think of them as a set of books.  I'm sure you all know the rules by now.... but here goes

The rules..... 
None!  Well, do me a solid and please try to keep it clean if it's really your name game entry (haha)!  Or at least witty and almost over the line.  

deadline is February 28th.

The prize:
Me singing Happy Birfday to you!  Well maybe the Hello Kitty earplugs that you'll need when I sing Happy Birfday to ya.
Just teasin'.  

How it works is, whomever I choose as the winner will get 2 free copies of each book, signed, and with a head-sketch.  

My previous books
I have a theme....in the past years I used word play for my titles, of course you probably already picked up on that.  :P

My books from oldest to newest were called:
1)Got Cheeks?  
2)Had Cheeks Want More?
3)Grab Yo'self A Handful of Cheeks (Vol.1 and Vol.2)  
4)Spread the Cheeks
6)Cheeks: Freshly Squeezed

My final decision is TBD (basically when I have time to read over them :P). HEHEHE

Who's ready to bruise their dukes?  Above the belt, aight?  Good luck, bubs, and bubettes (as Wolverine would say if he were the one typing this)!!

While you're playing, I'll listen to my boy Jon Secada's Just Another Day.  Don't hate on him.  He's still the man.


mic? said...



Tom said...

Cheeks: Left and Right

Sean McNally said...

1. Cheeks 2 Cheeks: vol. 1 and 2

2. Between the cheeks vol. 1 and 2

3. Turn the other Cheeks ""

4. Cheeks wide open ""

5. Cheeks and Cheeks2 : electric boogaloo


Ktop said...

Exit only!
Oneway street.
The hairer the better.
Spread just a little too far.
Flip over the good stuffs on the front.{Back cover}

ohminous_t said...

reach for the cheeks.

Joe Karg said...

Cheeky Monkey
Cheeks for Geeks
Cheek Squad
Cheeks: One Side of a Hammer Head
Cheeks: More cushion for the pushin

Agile Scout said...

Flamin Cheeks
Cheeks on Your Chin
Cheeks: Walking the Crack
Cheeks: Can't Stop the Gu-dunka-dunk-dunk
Cheeks: Bottoms Up
Cheeks: Large and in Charge

#win. Love your stuff man. Keep up the good work!

Ktop said...

Now with sesame seeds.
Hot and toasty!
These aren't your grandmothers cheeks!
Where hemroids go to play.
You scratch mine I'll scratch yours?
Not the same when they're 80!
Floss once a day.

Courtney Pearson said...

Parting of the Cheeks
Beaming Cheeks
From One Cheek to Another (Vol 1 and 2)
Both My Cheeks (Vol 1 and 2)
Cheeks: The Real Deal (Vol 1 and 2)

kfink said...

Cheek 2 Cheek
Cheek 2 Cheek 2

-Kp- said...

Cheeks: Rosie & Cozy
(or Rosie, Cozy Cheeks, or any other variation)
Crack Open Some Cheeks!
Cheek and Ye Shall Find
Falling through the Crack

Clifford Go said...

CHEEKSxicology 101
CHEEKSxicology 202


CHEEKSogram 101
CHEEKSogram 202

-Kp- said...

Squeezy, Breezy, Beautiful

Cheeks: Crackin' Up

Jenn said...

Between the Cheeks
Cheeks Ahoy!
Bouncin on Cheeks
Crackers and Cheeks
Cheeks Forever
Cheeks Uncensored

Delos said...

Stuffed Cheeks
Cheek It Out
Weeks and Weeks of Cheeks

Gamma Rallyson said...

Puffy Cheeks!

Stuart Buckley said...

Cheeks: Gluteus Maximus
Cheeks: Gluteus Megamus


Cheeks: Gluteus
Cheeks: Maximus

Harold L. George - Gsting® said...

Left Cheek
Right Cheek

One Cheek
Two Cheeks

Cheeks: Squeeze this one
Cheeks: Slap this one


Cheeks: Pinch with Care
Cheeks: Kiss here

Nicolas said...

It cheeks for itself
Geeking out & Cheeking out

Oscar Rosales said...

- "Let me at those Cheeks" vol. 1 and 2
- "One Cheek at a time" vol. 1 and 2

Aaron Wilkin said...

Cheeks-Clean Bill OF Health
Cheeks-Filled To The Brim
Cheeks- Toned and Tightened!!!
Cheeks-Release the Cracken
Cheeks-Now with more protein
Cheeks-100% free range

Philip A. Buck said...



Chubby Cheeks

Doris' said...

Blister in the Cheeks....
Cheeks & (Ichi)ban: Up in Art
Cheekhanger: Stay tuned...

Rob Evans said...

How about:
Cheeks: Smacked!
Cheeks! Smacked Harder! for the second book.

Aaron Wilkin said...

Cheeks-Return of the Cheek!!!
Cheeks-Cheek strikes back!!!
Cheeks-Cheek and CHong!!!
Cheeks-Bigger and Redder!!!
Cheeks-Now With more meat!!! or Meatier!!!
Cheeks-In space,

Javier M. said...

1.The Art of Sean Galloway: From Cheek to Cheek.
2. Cheeks²
3. Cheeks to your Mutha!
4. Cheeks: Sketchin' from the Crack of Dawn.
5. Cheeks: Art Dumps since '74
6. Cheeks: Don't Air It Out...
7. Quit Jockin My Cheeks..
8. Grabbin Cheeks All Day..
9. Cheeks: Dropping 1 and 2
10. Cheeks: Spreads better then Jelly
11. Cheeks: AKA Mr. Squishy Puffy!
12. Cheeks: Crack for the Art World!

Doris' said...

Cheeky Monkey
Cheeks Down, pen up, that's the way we like......

CartoonsDood said...

Cheeks:Grab em while they're still hot
Cheeks: uncut & uncensored
You want Cheeks? You got it!
Cheeks everywhere!
Cheeks:It's what's inside that counts
Cheeks:Rippin' one at a time
Cheeks? You can't handle the Cheeks!
Cheeks:Spreading the love
Lovely Cheeks bumps
What rosy Cheeks you have!

Dominike "Domo" Stanton said...


bizr007 said...

Cheeks: Cracking Up
Cheeks: Reloaded
Cheeks: Hot Buns
Cheeks: Fresh Bacon
Cheeks: Tanned
Cheeks: No tan lines

yuhkidemers said...

1. Cheeks yourself before you wreck yourself
2. Cheeks: With a Vengeance
3. Cheeks Harder
4. Cheeks VII: The Return of the Cheeks
5. Cheeks: Reloaded
6. Cheeks: First Blood Part VII
7. Cheeks: Fully Loaded
8. The artist formerly know as Cheeks
9. Cheeks VII: My Name, Your Cheeks
10. Cheeks: Shart VII
11. Cheek Side of the Moon
12. Cheeks VII: Slap First, ask Questions later

and slap on a vol. 1 or 2 to the back end of any of these.

yuhkidemers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yuhkidemers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bizr007 said...

Cheeks: Tanned and Ready
Cheeks: Tighty Whiteys
Cheeks: Covered Up
Cheeks: Openned Wide
Cheeks: In the Wind
Cheeks: Puckered Up
Cheeks: Running Free
Cheeks: Rubbed and Powdered
Cheeks: Oiled Up

bizr007 said...

Cheeks: Tanned and Ready
Cheeks: Tighty Whiteys
Cheeks: Covered Up
Cheeks: Openned Wide
Cheeks: In the Wind
Cheeks: Puckered Up
Cheeks: Running Free
Cheeks: Rubbed and Powdered
Cheeks: Oiled Up

Greg Storey said...

Sweet Cheeks
Handful of Cheeks

KelvTwelve said...

You Gotta Cheeks That

Save 15% on Cheeks

Cheeks on the Floor

Double Cheeks Across the Sky

Cheeks – IN SPACE

Don’t Stop Cheeks’ing

Cheeks-Side Story

Cheeks or Bust It

Fasten your Cheeks

Full Deck of Cheeks

Cheek Codes

Those Tights on Your Cheeks

Thank You, Cheeks Again

Here it Cheeks Again

Where’s the Cheeks?

Your Cheeks in My Hands

Whip my Cheeks Back and Forth

The NeverEnding Cheeks

Cheeks – Never Been So Glorious

Does this Make My Cheeks Look Fat?

Kinda Cheeks’y

Extreme Cheeks-Over

Are Those Cheeks I Smell?

Cheeks’y Day Care

LMCO: Laughing My Cheeks Off

Doctor, I could Use More Cheeks

blambson said...

Cheeks: High
Cheeks: Tight
(put half a "&" on each spine)

Cheeks: Firm
Cheeks: Toned
(put half a "&" on each spine)

Cheeks: Bounce a quarter
Cheeks: Da Money Maker

Björn said...

Cheeky puffs

bizr007 said...

Cheeks: White and Pastey
Cheeks: Uncorked
Cheeks: Rouge
Cheeks: Slapped Happy
Cheeks: Shaped and Toned
Cheeks: Tight Ends
Cheeks: Tight Endings
Cheeks: Puckered

Marcelo Vignali said...

Whole Lotta Cheeks

Ktop said...

Dropping the big one!
Warm and fuzzy on the outside.
Now bigger and rounder or (fuller) then ever.
It's what's inside that matters.
Needs more Cheeks! ref(cowbell SNL)

Panda said...

Wanna Cheeks? I have cheeks!

Anonymous said...

Bare Naked Cheeks! the art book #7

Anonymous said...

The seventh cheek!

Angel with a crooked halo said...

c'est cheeks
freaks and cheeks

Devy said...

Ok these were written prior to reading anyone elses so apologies for any duplicates:

Cheeks & Chong
Cheeks: Inflated
Cheeks: Raw
Cheeks: Spanked
Cheeks: Tenderized
Cheeks: Blowin' One Out
Cheeks: Uncovered
Sweet Cheeks
Hello Sweet Cheeks!
A Pocket Full O' Cheeks
You lookin' at Cheeks?
Kiss On The Cheeks
The Ancient Cheeks
Twin Cheeks
Get yer Cheeks out for the Lads
9 1/2 Cheeks

Sorry about these next ones:

28 Cheeks Later
Schindlers Cheeks
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Cheeks (really sorry)
Citizen Cheeks
Silence of the Cheeks (lol)
Lockstock and Two Smokin' Cheeks
The Kings Cheeks

Tolga Ihtiyaroglu said...

United Cheeks
Cheeks United

Anonymous said...

2.CHEEKS of Glory
3.Legend of CHEEKS
4.Untraceable CHEEKS
5.Red Hot CHEEKS!

Noah said...

-Enter The Cheeks
-Cheeks: Access Granted
-Cheeks Unleaded
-100% Instant Cheeks
-Bringin' The Cheeks
-Bring on The Cheeks
-Unique Cheeks
-Freaky Cheeks
-Cheeks For Weeks


One Sean:Two Cheeks Vol. 1 & 2

Angel with a crooked halo said...

Cruising for cheeks
Cheeks magnet

Elias said...

Cheeks: Make 'Em Clap

Cheeks vs. Seat *artwork you're more critical about could go in here* (variation: Cheeks Meet Seat)

Elias said...

Cheeks: Gastronomical

Cheeks: Keep It Regular