26 October 2009

Swift like a ninja

Heya, gang! Dang I missed, y'all!

Been outta sight outta mind cuz we got married on the 10th of October, and returned from our honeymoon a couple of days ago. Ichiban and I had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks in Australia (Sydney, and Cairns). I'll post a journal all about it and some photos we took. This weekend, we've been scrambling 'round getting much needed stuff done for the pad. I wanted to get more kick-it time with the Mrs also. HEHEHE Our official first day back to work tomorrow can start with a clear head! :P

Remember my character; Oki? Welp... Here's a little peek as to what's to come for Bastion's 7. Imma make another vinyl, and Oki/Zero is next on the line-up. Now that Oki is pretty much done, his alter ego; Zero is up on the chopping block. I'll show ya as it comes along, cool?

The super talented Joshua Singh hooked this bad boy up.

Hope ya digs!


Jörn said...

Congrats to your wedding;)
Interesting to see how you work together with Mr. Singh.

Denis said...

Congratulations on the wedding. Glad to see you got back safe and sound.

Hope you and your now legally binding better half have a long and happy life together!

Matteo said...

Yeah, welcome back man.
And all the best for u and Mrs. Cheeks. :)


Fabian said...

Congratulations Sean! Best wishes to you!
YES!! I remeber him! Oki is lookin really cool!! Have an amazing week!

Damion009 said...

this shit is sick!!!

Randall said...

Congrats on the nuptials, man.

Joe Romano 2 said...

Congrats on the wedding! Hope you had a blast on the Hmoon. Cant' wait to see what you post next. I'm loving my copy of "unclenched"

Draw Monkey said...

Congrats on wedding it up.

The weird thing is that I just got married on the 17th of this month with a lovely lady I happen to work with to.

One big difference: no honeymoon in Australia. Somewhere, some time, not yet.

I don't know about you though, but I'm still exhausted about the whole affair :D

Cheers and super work as usual.

Genevieve Tsai said...

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding and honeymoon in Australia!! I'm happy for you both! ^__^

I love your character Oki and he looks SUPER SWEET in 3D! Another vinyl I'll be itchin' to get me hands on! XD


RAWLS said...

Yea, Josh rocks it! He's awesome. Lookin good bro... oh, and much MUCH congrats on marriage! It's one of the two greatest things in life... the other being kids!

Mike Boldt said...


Congrats on the wedding! Special day and wow, AU HoneyMOON! That must of been awesome!

Oki's looking amazing too! Sweet! So great that you and Josh hooked up for that! Can't wait to see the alter ego ZERO!

arnie said...

oh yeah you've crossed over, well done. now the great part starts,

peace out

jriggity said...

bueatifull model of a bueatifull character design.

congrats on the wedding too man!


Cheeks said...

thank you so much, everyone!


Hey, Cheeks a big congrats to you and the Mrs. Best wishes to you both, And as usual your work is awesome!

J. Arturo Ramírez said...

Hi Sean, I am at your orders ..., you remember me?
I see you have a new figure in mind, I offer my services as a Master Painter, independently now..., you understand me, right?
Ok, I reiterate my services and interest to work with you again.

Greetings .

J. Arturo Ramírez