01 October 2009

Cammy's Comic Corner Interview

Hey hey hey... so you think I have a future in signing after that horrendous act called singing? Yowsa... More on the way when I get a minute to produce, direct, choreograph and perform. HAHAHAHA

In the meantime, here's an interview done by our pals, Cammy's Comic Corner, of Ryan Benjamin and I during our signing at the Rising Sun Creation, down in San Diego last month.

The secret to the nickname Cheeks

Ryan Benjamin's inside look into his career part 1

Ryan Benjamin's inside look into his career part 2

More interviews can be seen at Cammy's Comic Corner!

Thank you Rising Sun Creations and Cammy's Comic Corner for the love.

Enjoy at your leisure...


fresh kaufee clothing said...

cool man i just watched your interview..the "cheeks" story is pretty dope ha..id like to feature you on my blog tomorrow..lol well today..http://freshkaufee.blogspot.com check it out and tell everybody man..oh and if you could read up on my lil story thatd be great as well :)

Mike Crichlow said...

Love the interviews! Great stuff. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

Matteo said...

Hey dude,
ur art is AMAZING, i love it.

Just found ur blog, so I'll follow it from now on. :)


RAWLS said...


Mike Boldt said...

Great stuff!

Now all those book names make sense!

Anonymous said...

berry nice cheeky interview.

gobi said...

Hey !!

nice to see how you look like and to hear how the job goes on in us.
unfortunately my english understanting is to bad and I didn't understood anything of the story of your nickname.

well, keep up the good work

crazi said...

I found more Cheeks on youtube!

Amazingly in a Dr Tran vid!!


kenn said...

Whats the short muscle long muscle rule that you where talking about. around 5.00 mins. Trying to get back into drawing. Lost all my skills. Would help me alot if you would explain. Thanks

Cheeks said...

hahaha thank you, everyone!

Kenn, thanks for asking. If you look at your forearm and calves you'll see one side of those are longer then the other.