01 August 2008

IIIIII Am Everyday People!!!

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..... am everyday peopllllle. See I was sittin in the park mindin' my own (my own).

Ahhhh good ol' "Arrested Developement". Man I loved that group.

Welp, gang, here are some takes I drew of some older type folks I took pics of at the Sawdust festival. I rarely draw looking from life, but dang, is it refreshing. People have all kinds of cool shapes don't they? It makes ya wonder what their story is, huh?

In other news, I survived San Diego Comicon! WOWSERS was that a con or what?! Thank you, everbody, who made it out to our booth, and to the Spider-man Animated panel. I hope you liked the sneakpeek into season 2.

I brought 500 books and took home 70. Thank you to everyone who made that happen!!! You should have seen my car pulling into San Diego Wednesday afternoon.
One would have mistaken it to be a lowrider. 17 boxes, some luggage and a dolly on top of the car will do that to ya. HAHAHA

This weekend I will be mailing out more online orders of the book. I am still gathering shipping info for those interested, and I will post them soon, so anyone else may purchase it.

Hope you all made it home safe and sound, and see you all next year at San Diego Comicon 2009!

Hope y'all digs!


Nick M. said...

Where can I find your book online? Your stuff is great.

sterling said...

It was a pleasure to meet you at SDCC and get one of your books. Thanks for taking the time out to share with all of us. It was my first SDCC and that was a definite highlight. I can't wait to see what else you will create.

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Hey bro, Con was awesome, and thanks for taking the time to draw a turtle for me (too bad I didn't have Shredder reference, haha).

And now I think I need to listen to some Tennessee or Mr. Wendal ("Mr. Wendal, that's his name/no one ever knew his name 'cause he's a no-one.")... Yeah, Arrested Development is the shiznit,

Anonymous said...

How do I place an order on your book man? Also was wondering if you'd do me the honor of linking me!

Paul Burrows said...

Hey I missed you at Comic-Con, are you going to sell your new book at any of the LA/ Burbank Comicbook stores?

minmaxticus! said...

Hey thanks for the book and the pic/sig, dude! I had to send cash with my friend who actually got to go this year... keep up the good work, and hopefully we'll get to meet in person next time!


hiya sean

let me know here if you find those books ok?


thankx for the advice too :)


see ya next year!

rory said...

Congrats on the book sales, they are well deserved. Thank you for taking the time to talk and sketch, you were one of the people I really wanted to meet, big fan of your style!

Red Pepper said...

Already asked via the email address you left but just in case it never made it to you. Please let us know the cost for shipping to Sydney Australia.

Mr. Molina said...

hey sean, very interested in buying your book what's your email so I can send you my info. Amazing artwork!

Tompouce said...

hi sean,
just bought your previous books and i think this one has to go near them!
How can i buy it?(From France)

ayenlou said...

Hiya Sean!

Thanks for taking the time out to chat with me a lil bit. You are such a down to earth guy and really appreciated your advice.

Talking to you was the highlight of comic-con for me and really inspired me to continue and pursue my dreams.

Also thanks for doing that caricature of me too. The look on your face was priceless when I asked for it haha

And your book is great too!


Andy Cung

John G said...

Sly and The Family Stone.

Bob said...

Hi, I love your work! I too would love to purchase a book. Please let me know cost, shipping, process, etc. I would HATE to miss out!

Anonymous said...

Sean it was good meeting you at the Con.I like you're new book and thanks for signing it. I like it when you asked me what I want for a sketch I said something original that you do you gave me a Self Portrait of yourself.That was funny and cool,It was my first time there and hope to attend again. Rich

c said...

Ace! I just love your designs! They have wonderful proportions. No more, no less. Just right.