07 August 2008

2 - 2 = 0

Remember this dude?

He goes by the name of Zero. He's one of my characters
from my creator owned property called Bastion's 7.

So, I'm thinking I'm gonna make a vinyl figure of this.

Whatcha think?

I have finally have been able to make it to the postal office, to find out the shipping costs for my new book "Spread the Cheeks".

Online purchases for the book is:
If shipped within the states: $28(book)+ $6(shipping) = $34

If shipped overseas: $28(book)+ $12(shipping) = $40

All payment can be made to my paypal account: cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com

Thank you all for all your notes, emails, and prepaid purchases. I hope you enjoy the book, and for those who've bought the book, I hope you dug it!

Books are going out this Saturday to all up to date purchases.

Much love!

Hope y'all digs!


Matt Sheridan said...

Oh, nice. Love that sword. If that is a sword.

I am so much more interested in your original stuff. Great character design.

Tara Graphic said...

steady...awesome man!!

gcastro3d said...

Hey Cheeks. It was great meeting you at comic con. I don't know if you've discussed this before, but what is your procedure for making great images like this? How do you go about coloring your work? illustrator? photoshop?

Keep up the great work buddy!

Ross Burt said...


Just sent u some 40 dollah for the good stuff. And if u cant make it across to London to give me the good stuff, then I'll settle for a copy of spread the cheeks :)

Vinyl figure of yer Bastion dude would be cool...personally if i had to pick one of yer own characters to see immortalised it would be one of the 3 villains from bastions, they rocked my little world. This guy is still cool though :) Have a good one, can't wait for the book.

Profº. Eric Frantto said...

Hi! I liked this design, brother.
Very good, dear! You can call my blog in his? I called her in the mine. A big hug, man!

Louis Porter Jr. said...

Just wondering, but who with/were are you getting the vinyl figure made?

artgeek12 said...

I'd buy a figure if you made one...
then when the other 6 come out i could have a little army of figures!! MWAHAHAHA!

Anyway, it was awsome meeting you at the Con. The book is super cool and quite frankly so were you! Keep up the great work!!

David Wolter said...

Its about time you started thinking vinyl! :) Your style is ideally suited and I think this would make one cool toy.

Illustrator's Lounge said...

looks cool, can't wait to see the vinyl!


Johnjon said...

New to the Blog. But have Thought youer art rocks for some time. And would love to have one gona git youer book to.

Angel with a crooked halo said...

Love it and LOVE the new book!! I shared it with my Kindergarten class and they were bowled over by the fact that the Spiderman artist sent their teacher a book that he really DREW!! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...


STC arrived today.
Thanks so much - the book is awesome. So much cool stuff, plus a Hb animated sketch? How'd you know??


Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

Ive been meaning to ask you, how do you get such clean line work?Do you use the brush in photoshop? or the Ink tool? or do you pre ink it? and the when you got the line, do you go over it with color? Your one of my favorite artist.

Matt said...

Holy crap Sean! Zero would definitely make an awesome figure (to go along with Kuta)!

Can't wait. I really love the base you drew him on. Brilliant.