07 March 2008

Wizard World LA

The LA Wizard World con is around the corner, gang.
Who's coming? I'll be there, and sharing the table with me will be my bud,
Ryan Benjamin.
We'll be sitting at table 2070 in Artist Alley.

I'll have both volumes of my hardback books there for sale if any one is interested.
I'm sure Ryan will have a ton of original pages for sale and commissions, too.

Hope to see you there!


ragdoll80 said...

Yow mister Galloway, your work continues to be a source of inspiration for me ever since I got wind of their existence some years ago. Dude, I can hardly wait for the next 47 minutes to see the premiere of the "Spectacular spider man"
God Bless an gwaan duh yuh ting bredrin. Bless up from Kingston, Jamaica.

ragdoll80 said...

Dude, me again just finished watching. Aweeesome job on the character designs. cant wait to see goblin and lizard. I know where I'll be Saturday mornings. Thanks dude you rock.

benton jew said...

Just saw the Spectacular Spider-man this morning! Looked great! Man, you're going to get mobbed at Wizard World!

Great designs all around. Modern, but still pretty true to the original. I even found it interesting that Peter has a little mole on his face. Gives him some distinction! Nice touch. Aunt May looks a little young for my tastes, though.

Spidey in particular looks awesome. I like that he has some sculptural qualities to his head and the eyeshape are actually expressive.

Looks like a winner to me....

Andy Cung aka ayenlou said...

Hiya Mr. Sean Galloway!

I just saw the series premiere of the Spectacular Spider-Man and I think it is AWESOME! Your character designs are great. I Love the style and aesthetics that you've brought to the show. The over all look stands out from any of the other cartoon shows. The animation is like movie cinematography when Spidey is swinging around. And I noticed some references to the Spider-Man movie universe. But only disappointment are the toys... They don't really look like the animated ones. SECOND the writing is really good. I love how there'slil seeds planted in each episode to carry with the overall arch of the stories. Sorry for talking so much I was just blown away by this show. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the rest season!

ayenlou said...

sorry again...

The intro is freaking wicked too and I love the theme song! :)

Jess said...

Hi Mr. Galloway,
it's my first time posting here, and I just want to say that I'm a huge fan of your work. Your art is an enormous inspiration to me and has helped further fuel my love for both animation and comics and helped make me realize that I have absolutely no regrets about choosing to study them in school instead of pursuing psychology in grad school.

I was wondering though, (if it's not too much trouble) if there is anyway that I could maybe purchase a copy of both your hardcover books through you.

i live in rhode island during the school year, so the only convention i'll be able to go to this year is dragon con and maybe the comic con in new york. I tried buying your book through www.brandstudiopress.com (wonderful site by the way), but they are all sold out.

if you think it might be possible to arrange something please email me at JessFromFlorida@gmail.com at your convenience.
Thank you so much for your time and help.
Take Care.


Daniel Von Egidy said...

The cartoon is great! Hope to see you at HeroesCon this year!


i'm gonna have to wait 'til SDCC

brian said...

Spiderman ROCKED!!!!!

I'm up late tonight working on the strip and man, that first episode totally re-energized me.

Thanks for kickin' arse.

Fer Fer Fer said...

I was peeking at your gallery at lunchbreak here at work...everybody from the art crew worships you here! Every now and then I wish I could draw like you and try to draw something Cheeks-styled (it usually sucks, haha) SHAME ON ME!
ANyways, I wish i lived a little closer to buy your sketchbooks. I just bought Killian's Vessel on ebay because the little i've seen from it is so damn CUTE *__*
keep on kickin ass, Sean.

Anonymous said...

I'll be going to WWLA this weekend, Cheeks, see you there!!

JohnnyQwest said...

I'll be at WW:LA all day Saturday and you're on my list of people to see. Catch you there man!


Tim Dose said...

Was great meeting you at the con in LA- I've been impressed by your work for a while, but what I was really impressed with at the con was how nice and down-to-earth you were to everyone who talked to you while I was checking out your stuff. I'll be remembering your advice to another fan of "Just get to know people and don't bug them for work" for a long time. Thanks for inspiring!