01 March 2008

Robotic Fossils

Heya, gang! Here's some earlier concepts, out of a batch, I did for the new Transformers Animated. Basically I was brought onto the project to show some new organic shapes for the classic robots, Dinobots, and others.

I tell ya.... robots are tough as heck to draw. The technicality of things was pretty difficult. It was fun, but very challenging none the less.

My goal was to make them feel as if they had some Japanese aspects in them. For Sludge, I wasn't sure if 4 arms would work on him, but I figured what the heck, ya know? For Swoop I wanted to make him more ninja-esque.... Grimlock more Samurai-esque, and finally Snarl as more of a bruiser or a grunt from the bunch.

Hope y'all digs!


Tom said...

Love these! They have wonderful construction, I'd love to see them in action.

Kyle Bice said...

Looking good as always!

StudioRisingStar said...

Great stuff Sean! It was good seeing you again at Wondercon! Great work on Spidey and Transformers!


CrEaTe-InK StuDios said...

It is very hard to draw robots
but i think you nail my friend
very well!!

tight as always!!!!!

Shane said...

those are soo damn beautiful!!!! UGH! Way to kill it again Sean!

Chris Bivins said...

Really cool designs. They translate well from the originals. I like that you posted the silhouettes too. I love the shapes that your creating. Always cool stuff.



dude, i love 'em!

keep 'em coming

its cool that your working on that show


do ya have transformations for them and are they going to be made into figures?

hope so cause those are awesum!

blueberk2000 said...

Its very cool!!
Really cool designs!

Josh said...

man i love these!

you're awesome Cheeks!

If you've done any more i hope you post 'em xD

Rick Cortes said...

Wow...I'm so jealous.

Miss ya, pal! These kick ass.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean Sludge might join the dinobots?

Anonymous said...

I really must say that i miss the japan-anime look of the original ones..
gambate ne!

fedemilella said...

I love them :)