09 February 2008

The answer

I think now we know why Wolvie was so upset with me. Serves me right to tamper with the lil roughhouse.

Hope y'all digs!


Anonymous said...

Looks great Sean. I first saw your work a few months ago and it really inspired me and I've actually been pulling a lot from it as you'll see (strongest form of flattery they say?) Anyhow, I get a kick drawing the soops as well and was truly hoping for some pointers and feedback as I post. Keep up the amazing work. Late


Luiz Thiago said...

congratulations dude!
nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff man. Dig the color and the shape.


Howard Shum said...

Nice Wolvie, Sean!

Gurihiru said...

This is so cool Wolverine.
The design is awesome!
I am always surprised by your artwork.

piero said...

Yeah un wolwie! vraiment très beau comme coup de crayon!
j'adore la stylisation

sorry i don't speak enslish very well
if somene can translate...

Urban Barbarian said...

Cute! [ in a savage way! ]


me likes too

Bibouse said...

Oh I particularly love this one.
One of my favorite hero...

Mystery of Albesila said...

WOW! I love his expression dude!


Cheeks said...

Mkummer, thank you very much. as far as your art goes... man, you are rockin it. i love what you do.

thank you, Luiz!

thank you, William!

thank you, Howard!

Gurihiru! You both rock! I love the books you have been working on, and I just picked up your Power Pack trade. I am so inspired when I read and look at the beautiful art. Thank you for your kind words, and I hope to see you both at the convention next year!

thank you, Piero!

Dan! How dare you say cute! HAHAHA Thank ya, bud!

thank you, Comikxguy!

thank you, Bibouse! he's mine, too other than Spidey, and Superman.

thank you, Mystery of Albesila!

BEN said...

uao!love this design!

beautiful blog!

Anonymous said...

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