30 July 2007

Spectacular Spider-man Animated footage

Hey, gang! WHEW..... SDCC 2007 has come and gone like the wind. Thank you, everyone for stopping by the table. It was so nice to speak with you all! If.... and I KNOW I did mumble where you could not understand me due to my lack of sleep please accept my humble apologies. HAHAHA I was so delirious by the end of each day. :faint:

Thank you all, too, for coming out to watch the Spectacular Spider-man Animated panel.
Your attendance, and your response meant the world to us.
Here's a link of the for those who couldn't make it to the panel for the 1 minute animatic of the webhead in motion. ***Updated Link http://enewsi.com/news.php?catid=261&itemid=11445 *** Someone kindly passed along the link to it.


andy kuhn said...

it was great seein' you this weekend, even if it was only for a brief few minutes. that looks like it's gonna be one awesome cartoon. you should be proud! stay awesome!

Jean said...

Don't suppose you remember me, I was one of many people who stopped by your booth and admired your work! Anyway, this is Jean and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and for the great critique! I'll be keeping your advice in mind as I work harder on my art and hopefully, I'll be out of the basement and away from testing video games soon! Keep up the FANTASTIC work, I'm really excited about Spider-Man and I'll be watching your blog for inspiration!

william wray said...

Hey Cheeky one,

I'm tardy on my thank you for the keen sketches in your books I bought sometime back. Are you working at DW? I was pushing for you on MM-- they wanted us to draw like you and I said why not get the man his sef?? ;-) Now I'm out of a job! I kid. I'm to crazy for dem.

Tevik Avakyan said...

I have followed your blog for some time and it was really great getting to meet you in person. Your book is great and the artwork is very inspirational.

Jamaal Bradley said...

yeah..I cant wait to see it. I will pass it around to some of the boys at Imageworks and Valve. good ish!

Reuxben said...

Cheeks! It was a thrill meeting you at Comic-Con! My mind went blank, and I couldn't think of the millions of things I wanted to say when we met!

My sister caught you roaming the hall. When my cell phone rang--I didn't recognize the voice, so I thought it was a wrong number! I'm so sorry! I didn't really know what you sounded like!

I really wish you would have said more at the panel! I wish I could have though to ask stuff like which character was the most satisfying to redesign, which came out best for you, and which was the most problematic/tricky.

Thank you for the Spidey sketch, too. You're just great!

Thanks again,


John Nunnemacher said...

Waaugh, I tried to stop by your table but there was a huge crowd of people packed in front of your 18 inches of table space .... Glad the con went so well for you, hopefully catch you again sometime :)

Sam Nielson said...

Looks like it could be a really fun series to watch.

Ross Burt said...

shit yeah!!! tingle tingle goes the spidey sense, looks mega, u must be pretty dang chuffed. love it, spidey just looks great, love the bold eyes and white webbing really stands out...looks like this is gonna be a sweet year for cartoons, what with that and transformers...plus the new 3d clone wars..good times ahead! awesome work as always dude, fly casual. :)



i missed seeing you!

but i saw howard and other great guys around you

hey if your in the chula vista area stop by on 3rd ave and go to 3rd ave news

that's where shawn put al's amazing comics

which has been redubbed as amazing action comix

stop by sometime ok?

thankx for the link too :)

UrbanBarbarian said...

"f'n" great looking! I was worried your designs would become "processed" but Spidey looks really cool!


Peter Parker Bailey said...

Hey its me Peter thanx 4 signning my artwork i was really happy when you signed it and the comic book and poster, and i felt like i was on the team, i'm doing my part and Advertiseing and convicing others to watch your show, and thank you for making my day, sorry for being able to show you my other art work, i knew you wanted to see it, so i wanted to give my e-mail address so i can send you some.
Spiderboy2x@yahoo.com, e-mail me!!
-sincerly Dylan A.K.A. the Peter Parker of San Diego" i can't wait to work with you someday.

Peter Parker Bailey said...

oh on youtube they're showing the spider-man trailer and everyone loves it.

Jav said...

this looks sick...
pretty well done.
Congrats, big accomplishment.
It was nice meetin ya man. I heard stories about how nice a guy you were and sure enough, you trade your nice hardcover for my lil guy. I was so blown away I forgot to get your stamp on it... its cool, I'll survive...
Keep kickin ass...

dustin said...

yo man, much much apologies for not stopping by your booth in san diego man, i was in a coma half the time and left my table like twice for bathroom and to get someoen badges at the door.

hope you had a good show though man, i'll have to find you at a smaller show next year. how far are you WS studios?