18 March 2007

Killian's Vessel cover, and Shadow Puppets #2 cover

Back from Wizard World LA. I carpooled with my buds Ryan Benjamin, and Eddie Choi, and we had a blast listening to some hip hop while experiencing Ryan not staying in his lane due to texting! haha Pay attention to the road, Ryan!!! HAHA

Thanx RC for letting us crash over at your pad!
And thank you John for taking us all out to dinner.

Thank you everyone for stopping by the table to say howdy, and sitting in on my panel. I hope I didn't bore ya with useless facts.

Thank you, too, for helping me sell out of my hardback sketchbooks! That was pretty unexpected. I brought 100, and they were gone by saturday afternoon. I'll have more for the Seattle Emerald City con, and Heroes con.

I got to sit with my pals Ray Height and his wifey, Todd Nauck, Joe Pekar, Alberto Ruiz, Stephen Silver, Patrick Morgan,Talent Caldwell, Joel Gomez and his wifey Beth.

I got to catch up with a bunch of my pals Paul Gutierrez, Howard Shum, Micah, Dave Bullock, Humberto Ramos, Bobby Chiu his lady Kay, Mark Irwin with wifey Amber, Dustin Nyugen, LeSean Thomas, Derek Fridolfs, Alex Sinclaire Lauren, Phil/Tiffany, Bryan, Drew. Chris Copeland, his brother Justin Copeland, Dave Igo, and Alex. My drawing pals Ratna, Rick, Allen and many more.

Mark Brooks' nipples are probably still tender from the twisting I gave it during picture time with hime myself, and Ray-diggity.

Also I met new friends I've known and loved their works over the years such as Koy, Lilly, Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Dan Panosian and his wifey, Andrew Robinson, Benjamin Roman, Art Thibert, Weshoyot, and many more, too.

Ok, now I can finally tell y'all what's been cookin lately, and what's been keeping me away from posting frequently. YAAAAAAAAAAY

Aspen Studios hit me up to draw a 24 page, Fathom oneshot story called "Killian's Vessel". My buddy Micah Gunnel (Artist of Shrugged) hooked me up to meet all those cool cats. Awesome dude, and talented writer Vince Hernandez is writing the story. I'll be drawing and coloring it, and I asked my pal Mr. Suave himself Howard Shum to join us with his beautiful flowy inks.

The release date is in June.


Here's a cover I did for Chris Ryall, and Brian Lynch's IDW property called Shadow Puppets. It features Spike in his 'Crankyanker' puppet form alongside to aid him is Beta George, and they're both fending off the villain only known as Ratio.

**That dang fish was hard as crud to draw!** hahaha

Hope y'all get your digs on!


Richard Oud said...

Congratulations on the new assignment! Can't wait to see some pages for it ;)

Love your work, keep it up!

Juampa said...

Magnífico dibujo!! Tu arte es espectacularmente bueno.

Stephen said...

Sweet, dude!

I have to say, I'd take your style of art over the Michael Turner anorexia-central style any day.

Grats on the sweet gig!

El Snoozo said...

Sounds like a good time down in LALA-Land...The damn freeways when you actually stay in your lane is a white-knuckle ride.

By the way, I took your advice and used the backhand on the ho's..I will be able to pick up your book in Seattle.

Toyebot said...

Congrats! Bring lots o books to Seattle, cuz thats the closest convention I can get to! Cheers!

eugene commodore said...

woot Woot!!

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Dude, can't wait to see it.

Hey, I picked up the Hellboy Animated DVD last week. Great stuff! Really cool to see some of those interviews.

See ya in Seattle!

Tom said...

Great to hear you'll be doing a full book! Congrats on that.

The cover looks sweet and I love that other cover with the little crank yanker type dude and the fish, awesome energy, interesting character designs, all that good stuff.

Julia said...

Great works, Sean. You know I love them. =)

UrbanBarbarian said...

Great hanging out with you Sean! And those books of yours rock! Alberto should be proud!

Love that Fathom cover and the other one has a great mysterious quality to it!

See you soon!


cheeks! congrats on fathom and the hc sell out!

oh, did i tell you i didn't go to WWLA ? its SDCC then

shout out to:

Alberto Ruiz :) "mr. money bags"

Stephen Silver :) "mr. possible"

Shum :)

Ramos :)post new artwork dammit!

Bobby Chiu :) and lady Kay

Dusty Nyu :)

the Johnson
Jeff Johnson

Dan Panosian :)

jonboy! :)

mr. Ryall and Brian Lynchmob


hey cheeks!

thankx also for getting after tim kane about posting again

gdeo said...

hey sean it was great hanging with you...thanks for being so cool.I'm glad the sketchbook sold out!

gdeo said...

hey sean it was great hanging with you.thanks for being so cool.i'm glad the sketchbook sold out!

Nico said...

This is the first time I visit your blog. Fantastics works Sean.
Best regards!


Randeep Katari said...

This stuff is SWEEEEET! Hold one sketchbook for me man! I'm all over it! I'll give you a shout soon - as soon as this craziness of school lets me come up for air for a few minutes.

jurffy said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that your artwork makes me happy! Keep going man you are very talented...

FerdinandKreozot said...

Awesome work.
I am glad Someone passed me onto your blog today.

Cheers to your work,


Junior Capoeira said...

hello, i am from brazil and i wish to buy a hardback sketchbook, how can i do? my email is junior.capoeira1973@hotmail.com :)

Luis B. Madrigal said...

Damn, I knew I should've gone to Wizard Con in L.A. two weekends ago, I really would've liked to pick up your book. Word of mouth is that there are two volumes of your work out there, is that true? Where can I buy it/them?
Anyways, thanks for being a daily source of inspiration for an artist that's barely getting started.