24 January 2007

if i were still a kid....

if i were still a kid physically i'd have loved to have a room set up somewhat like this. it'd have big bay windows to lay in to read. i used to love love love reading when i was younger, but due to other obligations i can't find the time, and when i do, i fall asleep! haha ahem....SO anyhow, i wouldn't want a complicated room. but one with a loft-type feel. an extra level where i could go play with my g.i. joe or heman toys that i'd launch from it with my handmade parachutes, to escape from the battle at castle grayskull. it'd probably be hard to get out of a bed that looked like that. j/k you know i had to add in mallot's pimp-ride.

hope y'all digs!


THEdave said...

Did you ever see SIX STRING SAMURAI?

Tom said...

Very nice. It's cool to see a drawing like this from you just because it is not typical, not a character shot or action scene. It still has a lot of power and appeal. I love the writing that goes along with it too, the childhood nostalgia is wonderful. Wish I had a room like this.

This part of your autobio images?

Cheeks said...

no i haven't, dave.

thanx, tom! yeas, it will be. i still have to draw the figure laying on the bed. this is actually page2. glad to see you caught onto it.

Kanokadafi said...

Nice dude! I still love Arnold and Willis's room from different strokes. The building where they supposibly lived in was not to far from my crib, I always wanted to go in and ring there buzzard LOL, what a dork!


hey cheeks,

got the low orbit book!

going to read your part right now:

"still, in all the bleakness, there is hope as a small band of respected protectors have risen to keep the peace, enforcing justice where there is none.

they are called bastion's 7."

dum dum dum! (cue theme music! )

btw do you have a cartoon opening for this?

"... it's curtains." he he :)

san diego! hell yeah!

nice plug for big wok, if its real i'll check it out and yes i'll say mark and sean sent me


look forward to the on-going adventures of...

bastion's 7!

EKG! said...

yo sean! lovin' your line work and designs bro. let me know when the hardback sketchbooks come out so that I can support the cause. we gotta get together again and do a sketch session!

Sylvain said...

hi Cheeks...

yours jobs are so beautiful always...

this is a little drawing for the new year:

Dustin A. Foust said...

Nice background work. I think this is the first piece I've seen of yours without a character.

rose-a-petits-pois said...

haha!! A bed in a car shape ;-)

I would have loved also to have another level in my room when I was young (hum... and still now!)

looking forward to see it in color?

!LEON! said...

I would have lived in my room if i had one like this. Actually Id probably still live with my parents if i did. Great stuff.

Tooninator said...

that's a great room. Very clean drawing as well. Keep it up.

Cheeks said...

haha arnold and willis had a tight lil pad, man.

waddup, comikxdude! hope ya enjoyed it the short short bastion's 7 story. haha mark smith and i are trying to get it picked up so we can do a full issue through the europeaen market.

watana! wazzahaps, mang?! dude, you better follow through if we set a time to draw. haha something always comes up, huh? haha

thank you, sylvain!

heya, dustin! welp, i was determined to learn how to draw people, so i put backgrounds on hold for awhile. i used to ALWAYS draw bulidings up until i a few years ago. so now i'm going to balance out the 2. :)

hi, Geneviève! i love levels, and one day i hope to have something of that nature in my home. i guess i'd need to buy a home first.haha i'll color it soon. i still need to draw the boy (me)that lays on the bed.

leon, i wouldn't think any different of ya. ;) hahaha

thank you, tooninator!


oh now you talk to me?

what? is it because that batman sketch you gave me wasn't the greatness i expect?

i want quality, baby!

euro-"pee-on" market? why?

why not here?

does that mean that if it goes out there, it comes back here?

if not, that sucks

keep up the greatness!