19 January 2007

2007 Sketchbooks updated


I just heard back from some pals that we got approved for our sketchbooks becoming hardbacks.
Because of this, the sketchbooks are no longer available as 4 seperate sketchbooks. They'll be available as 2 seperate hardbacks. All the images that were in the 4 sketchbooks will now be in the 2 hardbacks. Each hardback book will be 44 pages, full color. As far as prices go per book I believe it'll be somewhere around $22-$25. For online purchases please include shipping. $6 US, and $8 for international shipping. For online payment please use cheeks_1974a@hotmail.com

The contents:

Hardback Sketchbook 1: Will have my personal fun designs, Bastion's 7, and Pin-ups in it.

Hardback Sketchbook 2: Is basically my work stuff. It has game designs, cartoon designs, toy designs, covers, backcovers, interiors, and commisions.

The hardbacks won't be available until the end of February/early March, so what I did was I made a condensed convention version for those who want to pick up something at Megacon in Orlando, Florida. The condensed version will be limited, and it'll contain a bit from each book. It'll be 30 pages, full color.

I apologize for the confusion.

Thank you to those that already purchased books. I'll be mailing them out no later than Wednesday. So to be fair (and you know who you are, and so does my email history ) I'll mail you the hardbacks as a thank you when they are printed.

I'll be kickin it with some cool cats at Megacon. The talented Jonboy and I are sharing a table, and we were invited to sit next to our buds skillmasta Alberto Ruiz, and the ladies man himself Joe Pekar. This'll be my first time attending Megacon, and I think Jonboy said the same. We all look forward to seeing you In Feb!

Luff ya,



Anonymous said...

eres un maquina tio, me gusta como dibujas

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Hells yeah! Hope you got 'em all when you're at Emerald City. I'll be there and I've got money earmarked for you ;)

SteveLambe said...

Hardcovers? Nice! I'll be picking those up for sure.

Saw on the Sketchbook Sessions that you were in LA last week. Forgot all about that. Doh! Woulda been cool to hang out.

Monkeyboy said...

Anywhere I can order these sketchbooks online? Amazon?

gdeo said...

oh yeahh Loworbit comes out WEds,,,cannot wait!

joe suitor said...

which of the two will have more pencil work?

Fed! said...

There are days when I shall so much want to be American! :(

I shall never have the chance to be able to get myself your sketchbook lol

rose-a-petits-pois said...

hehe, I like the girl on spiderman!!
Very nice stilized stuff as always ;-)

Sorry, you may have posted a lot on deviantart since I came the last time... It's been a while I didn't go!

Meetch said...

Can't wait for my hardbacks! They be lookin nice, yarr.