12 June 2006


man, i'm having a blast going back to my old cartoon favorites and tweaking them a bit.


Kristian Antonelli said...

man, i don't eevn know these ctas..must check it out. Once again you inspire my drawing..keep on keepin on

Tirso Cons said...

Coooool! great design, Cheeks


Sanvi said...

Awesome stuff, Cheeks!!!!
I like the sense of desing you have. The colour is spectacular and very warm.

Chris Battle said...

Where's OOKLA??????

Tom said...

I'm not familiar with the characters but man, thats too cool. I'm so glad I found this blog. I have been diggin' your Deviant art site for a long time. I love the line drawing of Thundarr's co-star you have up there now. Looking foward to a colored version. Very inspiring work!


Jason C said...

There's some seriously great work on your blog.. I used to love this show..
all you other cartoon throw abcks are great too.. love 'em..

Cheeks said...

thank you so much, everyone! your stopping by to see what's new on the blog is constantly motivating to produce more!

TMALO70 said...

Thundarr was an Excellent Saturday Mornin' Cartoon... And, your rendition is an Excellent Tribute to how Cool it was...

Keep'Em Comin',