17 June 2006

Ookla the Mok colored

Man, what a busy week. Usually I'd color the images right after I draw it, but this week was a really productive one. Thank you all for diggin my tweaks to the classic characters!


christian said...

Awesome work... I really feel envy for your sense on coloring. Congrats!

Mark said...

That is simply awesome, what else can i say really? Awesome.

Tom said...

Great work as usual. I can't wait for Low Orbit. What else do you have in the works?


Chris Battle said...

Coolness... neat detail with the barcode tattoo... are you suggesting Ookla is a lab grown creation?

Saturday morning was never that cool!

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!

tom, i'm working on the gatchaman project helping developing characters.

that's exactly what i was trying to get across, chris. :)

TMALO70 said...

Fantastic Design & Attitude... Can't wait to see how you handle Princess Ariel...




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