21 December 2011

Bastion's 7 Webcomic Page 3!

 Table-Taffy-Studios presents Bastion's 7 webcomic page 3!

Bastion's 7 Created by: Sean Galloway
Plotted by: Sean Galloway and J.Torres
Written by: J.Torres
Art by: Sean Galloway, Derek Laufman, DJ Welch, and Haylee Herrick
Colors by: Sean Galloway

Writer: J.Torres http://jtorresonline.blogspot.com/ and Table Taffy http://table-taffy-studios.deviantart.com/  

1 comment:

FunkFan said...

Hello Sean,

I came back here after a real long time and I must say that this new look for your posts is awesome... This, put together with your really cool art is a great combination....Cheers!!!!! Happy New Year (in advance).