02 November 2011

World of Warcraft's Pearl of Pandaria announcement

Anyone a WoW fan? Of cooooooooooooooooooooooourse you are! :)  

Why you ask? Just wanted to give ya a heads up that Blizzcon 2011 announced the Pearls of Pandaria graphic novel my Table Taffy Studios and I are working on.
For those unfamiliar with Pearls of the Pandaria the concept was created by the all-mighty Sam-Wise.   

This 115 page OGN (Original Graphic Novel) is Blizzard property published through DC Comics': Wildstorm division. The OGN was written by Mickey Neilson. 
The team Wildstorm let me assemble to help bring the pages to life are knocking it outta the park.  You're all in for a treat.

Down to our last 20 pages, but who's counting?! Wildstorm let me assemble a killer team to work with me... so a HUGE shout out to my Table Taffy Studios team 
:iconlaufman: Dario Brizuela, Hwang Nguyen:iconcalebsawyer::icondarkkenjie: and :iconrmo120:

These fellas are absolutely amazing!


Kyle said...

yes! I was excited when I heard that you would be doing this. congratulations! Im really excited to see it.

christopher72 said...

that so cool i play WoW every day all the time i have been looking at your blog and you have great art work i am just starting you can find me at http://thenerdstoes.blogspot.com/