06 January 2011

Another inspirational blog....

Today, I was beating myself up trying to remember if I mentioned my pal, Justin Rasch's blog in a previous post, so to give my mind a rest I'll do it today.  Justin and his whole family is so gifted and inspirational, not only with their skill, talent and vision, but also as a family.  When Ichiban (my wifey) and I have our own children we'd want to be as loving day in and day out as the Rasch family.

If you haven't (and I know a ton of you already have) been to their blog, then you gotta go here to be in awe.
You can follow them behind the scenes as they create new worlds you'd wanna live in and explore over at Justin Rasch's blog.


Guillermo Biasini said...

A Stop Motion Artist? How cool is THAT?! Thanks for sharing his blog man

jriggity said...

aww man!!

thanks so much man...honored