02 December 2010

Street Fighter busts!!

Haven't had a whole lot of time for any personal drawing lately, so I had to make sure I did something from one of my childhood faves.  I guess What I'll do with this like the ugg muggs is keep updating this deviation as the new heads are done.

If ya haven't listened to these songs, then I HIGHLY recommend them.  It'll get your lil booty outta the chair and wiggle to the left and wiggle to the right... if it makes ya booty droooooooooop, or do the tootsie roll, then you're on a different level. :P

Cheeky recommendations:

Sex Karma (feat. Solange Knowles): Of Montreal
Cat & Mouse: Nikki & Rich
Next Best Thing: Nikki & Rich
Good Girls Go Bad (feat. Leighton Meester): Cobra Starship
F**k You: Cee Lo Green
Dog Days Are Over: Florence + The Machine
Dakota: Stereophonics
Float On: Modest Mouse
What Part of Forever: Cee Lo Green

Edit: Zangief!

Edit: Sagat! (That one's for you, Derek!)


Edit: Chun Li

Edit: Guile says eating fat meat gives ya hair extra BoUnCe and shine! HAHAHA I couldn't hold out.... I had to add Guile I did over the Thanksgiving weekend. :)

Edit: Enter Balrog! Duck! His left hook is revolving! 

Edit: Zangief

Hope y'all digs!


Cal said...

Hey Sean - awesome as usual!

Have you signed up for a free Spotify account? 20 hours of music a month for nothing... They've a gazillion albums and I like to listen to it whilst I'm drawing...

SKETCHFro! said...

M.Bison is looking good there Cheeks! Makes me want to grab a controller and beat down on him now.

I'll try to grab a listen to those songs.

Jelter said...

That's awesome! I play as Balrog some of the time.

vitalik shu said...

Everybody love Street Fighter! )))) nise drawings!! and great blog )))

Justin Rodrigues said...

Great stuff as always man! Loving it!

TaD Polio said...

Dude, Guile looks freakin awesome.

Andry said...

Way to go man!

Tim Blair said...

Chun li always luring you in with that cutesy smile then, without warning, those damn tree trunks for legs come tap dancing on your face. Excellent work! It was really nice meeting you at CTN. Cheers!

jriggity said...

man...these are too freakin fun!!


Cheeks said...

Thank you, everyone! More to come, and then I'll move onto some Marvel characters.. any requests for SF or Marvel characters from the Capcom vs Marvel game?

Joshua said...

I love your Guile man! You have a really cool style.

I can't wait until you add Blanka! He's been my main ever since SF2.

In terms of MvC requests (other than the B-man of course), I think that you would do a really cool Jill Valentine, and I'm sure your impression of the Hulk would be pretty badass as well.

manu cassier said...

Awesome characters !
It's really great job.

Cal said...

Gatchaman! Pretty please...

Gerald de Dios said...

Sean - if you make these wallpapers for peep's iphone/crackberry I bet tons of fans will sport them!

Walter Gatus said...


chris said...

omg - so NICE

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

If you made a milkshake out of this, all the boys would come to your yard.

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone!

i'll see what i can do, Gerald!

HAHAHA Wow, Gabe... HAHAHAHA So good to hear from ya. What's shakin over across the pond?!

rigodiaz said...

great work! check out my street fighter drawing


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