03 September 2010

V for Voltron

Wow... I haven't tried to tackle Voltron (one of my all-time child hood favorites), since I was in grade school.  He was always a challenge to draw, and now I remember why I steered away from it.  HAHAHA

One of the things that I wish Voltron could do was grapple more.  I always felt it was unfair to the villains that once the sword was formed, then the show was pretty much over.  HAHAHA

Here I thought it'd be cool to explore that the hands come out from the inside of the mouth, and then the top of the heads were for backslapping punks.  HAHAHAHAHAHA

Wrapping it up, this is a rough mock up for a Voltron pin-up I hope to finish in time for the Voltron art of book coming out next year.

Here's a line-up of the crew:


Oskar Iglesias said...

Very cool designs.

Justin Rodrigues said...

Great! I love how you have the hands coming out of the lions mouth. Good touch i have a feeling those lion mouths would be a little cumbersome. Love the line up also!

Wayne B. Medina said...

YEEEESSSSS!!!!! I was wondering when you were gonna do up the defender of the universe! Hahaha one of my childhood favorites....i was like eight when it first came out....wooo good stuff seany sean!

Denny said...

Cool as always!

jriggity said...



Sport Billy said...

Hi, Sean, I love your work as usual. I would love to see your take on other 80's toons

1.Brave Starr
Mobile Armored Strike Kommand
3.Ulysses 31
5.The Galaxy Rangers
6.Mysterious Cities of Gold

Sport Billy said...
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Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

Nice! But where's Sven? ;)

Sport Billy said...

Hey, Sean I hope you are well.

I would also love to see your take on the wonderful 80's toon Dungeons and Dragons....

It was one of my favourites growing up here in the UK.

If it was to come back as a modern
21st century cartoon I could think of no one else but yourself to update these wonderful characters.

I personaly would either leave out Uni the unicorn character or have the character be a female elf like apprentice to the Dungeon Master and one of her powers is that she is able to become lots of different creatures including a unicorn. It was common practice in lots of 80's toons to have an annoying side kick character creature ect Thundercats-Snarf, M.A.S.K.- T-Bob and so on.....

I love how you recreated Snarf when you re-drew The Thundercats a million posts back. I'm sure you will come up with your own spin on the characters that will be a million times better than mine.

Another show that I would love to see your take on is the wonderful 70's cartoon from the UK..... Jamie and the Magic Torch. It was made by Cosgrove Hall the same people that made Danger Mouse and Count Duckula.

Here are some links for those of you who are not familiar with this great toon.


Jamie and the Magic Torch




The character design and the crazy concepts within this cartoon are fantasic. I'm sure it will appeal to you Sean.

Take, care.

Sport Billy said...

New Voltron series for 2010


Add as a friend to see storyboards
for the new show.


John said...

I'm not trying spam it up in her with some more urls, but I'm glad to see you thought hands-in-the-mouths was a good idea too. I did this concept a while ago:

Love seeing all the different properties cheeked out, keep it up.

Salah Khudari said...

so awesome to see this! One of the earliest birthdays i can remember was my 5th when I got a voltron mask and sword!!! best birthday ever!!

C.Deboda said...

Huge Voltron fan when I was a kid here too. (Well, considering I still am a kid). So this take is great to see.

Doug Dutton said...

Great Style! Very cool!


jason hazelroth said...

Pure awesomeness