28 May 2009

Oki A Dokie

Heya fellas and fellarettes!

Wow... first off... it's quite the bonkers to see how many participated in the Kuta Art Card contest! Thank you so much, everyone for getting involved! All the entries are AMAZING!

It was more than I expected, and yet again I have my work cut out for me to choose a winner. There's still time to play if you haven't already, or for those who'd like to do more.

My hats off to you all for diggin Kuta enough to hook up the gorgeous art!

This is a model sheet I put together to figure out Oki/Zero a bit more.

Hope y'all digs!


Josh Frost said...

First off thank you for doing the Kuta contest. I had a great time with my piece. Here is my post:


I also will post in on the previous post just in case! haha

I would love to do a quick pencil test with Kuta. I have drawn him so many times now for the contest I feel like I really know the character. I wanted your permission before I did a test though.


- Josh

gobi said...

damn, I wish I could do something for this contest but the dealines for my different comics are a little bit too much deadly....next time maybe

Santiago Lozano said...

yeah, me too, i´m with an animation project deadline that is killing me... by the way here is the link: www.amblagar.blogspot.com
next time i,ll do something too!

Tom said...

Awesomeness. I can't wait to see Bastion's happen.

I am pumped to bang out an entry or two for the Kuta contest, sweet contest by the way! I need to find me some time to do some worthy entries!

RAWLS said...

Nice model sheet bro!

Draw Monkey said...

Sweet sheet Cheeks.

So if he has your mole, do you have his pythons?

Chris G. said...

ay this guy looks so bad-ass. makes me wish you would draw Casey Jones!
PS: got the 1st Hellboy animated dvd last night and watched the comic-con panel. you're all cool yet shy, and Guillermo comin at ya about yur nickname ^_^

Tim said...

Great character. Makes me think of Metal Gear.