18 January 2009

Spectacular Spider-man Season 2 eps #15

Howdy, all! Welp.... Canada just aired Spectacular Spider-man Animated, Season2, Episode #15.


This one features Kraven and Kraven... Weird huh? Time to find out, right?

Welp.... Now's as good as time as any to let you all know that I've been nominated for an Annie Award for character design. No... not the Little Orphan Annie Award. :P I'm new to this, so I just found out myself, too, so for those of you who aren't familiar with this like I was, the Annie Award is an Animation Award. On January 31st the results will be announced at the ceremony. I've been invited to the event, so I am totally nervous, butterflies in my stomach even. I'm up against some fantastic shows, and their designs are gorgeous, but who knows what the outcome will be. I'm just really happy to have been nominated. Believe me, I'll be praying of course. Big thank you to everyone for all the hard work making the show what it is, and big ups to those who have been keeping tune, and anticipating the show, and for 2nd season's debut in the states (which BTW will begin airing March 2009, on Jetex).

Anyway... Hope you enjoy the episode!


Andy Cung said...

Congrats on the nomination! Hope you win it man!

Second Season of SS has been great so far too :)

Javier Giangiacomo said...

Best of luck on the awards, these Spiderman designs really are just fantastic, man!!

Massacremike said...

Wow - that's a huge honour, my friend. Congratulations to you. I've watched some of the show and think it looks gorgeous. The action figures are also really cool.

All the best to you!

Sung Jin said...

Man love the show, love the work.
Great inspiration for drawing!

joverine said...

dude!!! so awesome!
congrats x infinity! and good luck buddy!
make us proud X)

gemini82 said...

Congrats man. Hope you win.

We better watch the Spiderman episode while we can before the big Corp pulls it.

irene said...

woo hooo!
Congrats man

is there like somewhere we can like vote for you or something ?
not that youll need it-- youre gonna win for sure :)

Pop-Monkey said...

Wow, man! Whatanhonor! I'll be rootin' for you, but I know it's an honor to even be nominated. Gotcher speech planned?

rory said...

Congrats on the nom, glad to see others recognizing what a lot of us knew years ago...and nice job on Kraven and Mysterio.

Dario Brizuela said...

Amazing designs Sean!!!
I love it!


Paul Piceno said...

Wow! Amazing man!
my name is Paul Piceno, i am from Mexico City, how was your time in Mexico last time?
i like your work a lot, i would like see you drwa comics, but i supose you work 100% in animation,
How was your art formation?
Well thanks for your time, wish you well and i f you have 5 minutes maybe you could visit my blog
Adios amigo!

Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

Props, nephew! That is great news. So far, I'm really digging the show (the main title is so great).

Anonymous said...

increible gran trabajo te felicito. Es una nueva version de spiderman mas fresca, y con una trama bien concebida. Los dieños son impresionantes. Mucha suerte,y sigue dibujando así.

Andrea said...

Thank you master for the comment!One small comment for you, one giant thing for me!

Cheeks said...

thank you, everyone for your kind words and well wishes!

Irene, I'm not sure how it works, but if so thank you! :)

Cheeks said...

thank you, Paul Piceno.
I am doing more comic book work actually.

I am working on a project with DC Comics right now.

I do have 6 pages for the Luuna anthology that Marvel/Soleil is publishing, which will be on the comic book racks at the end of this month (January).

Andrea, you are a powerhouse, and I am all levels of inspired when I stare at your work.

Ross Burt said...

Woo! Big up congrats on the nominatio buddy, yer designs are awesome...and what's mega cool is how on model the show's animators have kept the characters, u can instantly tell it's your stuff whilst watching it...man that must feel good :)

good luck!

Darkness U.S.A said...

i hope you win i don't know who else is nominated, when i first saw the picture with kraven i thought it was the puma before i read it lol

Seth Howard said...

Hey man! Spectacular Spiderman looks amazing! I just started watching it, and the designs bring tiny tears to my eyes. Congrats on the nomination!

Chris Battle said...

Love that streamlined Mysterio.


him turning into a werewolf is that part of comic book cannon or just for the show?

timothytia said...

I love your art in this show i hope it develops into the Marvel version of Batman: The animated series.

I have a little request for you could you upload the Spectcular
Spiderman Black Cat for us.